Minutes left to the 7th session of the Online Milling School

August 26th, 2020 – This week’s subject of the Online Milling School, which is organized in collaboration with Milling and Grain – Progressus Agrischools and will be held today for the 7th time, is “Raw Material Receiving and Storage”.

The training series, organized with the participation of experts from different continents and different countries of the world, has been met with great interest since the day it started. This organization, which enables people to come together during the pandemic period, enables the questions in mind to be answered instantly thanks to the question and answer section as well as following the seminars of the experts.

Ryan Alan S. Celis, in the session on “Raw Material Receiving and Storage” will focus on the problems and solutions encountered in the acquisition and storage of raw materials and will explain how silo management should be.

The Online Milling School does not only inform about new technologies, but also allows you to see the mistakes you may have done till today and will help you to find the answers to many questions in your mind.

The Online Milling School also offers an opportunity for companies that want to promote their products and services to the industry. You can reach the stakeholders of the sector with different sponsorship opportunities.

This week’s Platinum sponsor is Yemtar company from Turkey.

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