Calling all feed machinery manufacturers

February 16, 2020: A soaring world population and growing demand for animal-derived food has spurred an enormous development in feed machinery manufacturing worldwide. But with policies and technologies differing widely across countries, there is a substantial imbalance in the field. To help harmonise market practices, a new ISO technical committee (ISO/TC 293) has been created to supply the industry with standards for feed machinery used to produce formulated feed in feedmills. The feed industry is working with ISO Technical Committee to develop a standard for feed machinery. There are two components to ISO/TC 293 comprising one standard for ‘terminology’ and one for ‘safety’.

A standard for single feed machine, processing systems and complete production lines will cover safety, hygienic requirements, environmental protection and a number of specific technical requirements of feed machinery used in feedmills (but excludes non-commercial, domestically-used, agricultural machinery).

The ISO 293 standard will contribute to six of the United Nation’s ‘Sustainability Development Goals’ including: No Poverty (1); Zero Hunger (2); Decent Work and Economic Growth (8); Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure (9); Responsible Consumption and Production (12) and Life on Land (15). The next meeting of the working group is April 20-22, 2020 in Winterthur, Switzerland.

Become involved, contact:

  1. Your national ISO representative to register your interest
  2. Register with the secretariat at:
  3. A feed industry representative:
    Ms Jean Walsh, Standards Administrator at the
    American Society of Agricutlureal and Biological Engineers at:

‘Famous’ for Chinese manufacturing precision delivery –  that’s Guolin! 

A recent new member of our influential IMD web site is the Zhejiang Guolin Machinery Company, one of more than 20 Chinese companies, who have very recently joined our thriving online resource  – and we know there are many more businesses from China to follow for sure! 

‘Famous’ tech-knowhow

Guolin Machinery is a high quality, expert, professional manufacturer of varied, high specification, stainless steel and hydraulic fittings and other related accessories. Guolin are ‘famous’ for their technical know-how and the precision of their products and for their location! 

Why?   Well, they are in Taizhou in the middle of Zhejiang Province, where the aptly named ‘Famous Mountain of the Sea’ is located!

hydraulic fittings 

The company’s manufacturing processes are precise and complex, reference its specialism in hydraulic fittings and related accessories. In respect of this, they have produced a considered piece of ‘reportage’ on the effectiveness, indeed the value of the multi channel rotary joint in concise production management processes. So, what in essence is a multi-channel rotary joint? Under the current definition, say Guolin, these are joints, designed independently within the same joint in order that do not in essence interfere with each other.

different media

It has powerful functions and can simultaneously import different media, such as water, steam, oil, air, vacuum and cutting fluid. Chemical reagents, acidic and alkaline fluids, etc., and different media can enter and leave the media through the holes on the side or above, according to their working conditions. Such processes are present in paper making equipment, printing equipment, CNC workbench, rubber equipment, continuous caster, special equipment for iron and steel industry, chemical equipment, plastic manufacturing equipment, petroleum exploration equipment… and more….


Many rotating platform and rotating platform components need to be realised by multi-channel rotary joints. With the development of industry, multi-channel rotary joints are now available in high-end fields such as automation and automation testing equipment, aerospace equipment, automated robots, manipulators, solar energy equipment and so on.

more complex

The performance, structure and parameters of multi-channel rotary joints put forward higher requirements, so for the current manufacturers of rotary joints, in order to meet the needs of these high-end fields, R&D funds are invested in the development of new products and new structures. Therefore, in the manufacturing process, the more the number of paths, the more complex the manufacturing process. In order to operate better under high-speed, high-pressure and high-temperature conditions, it is necessary to use imported bearings and seals. Two high-precision bearings support the rotor.

internal friction

Such a structure can reduce the internal friction co-efficient, strong and zero-activity, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, no degassing and sealing parts developed from polymer materials. These parameters are also the factors of high cost of multi-channel rotary joints. The end face of the joints is sealed by high-pressure mechanical balance and due to the concentricity of the structure can greatly reduce the internal friction and prolong the service life of the rotary joint.

Zhejiang Guolin Machinery Co. Ltd.

‘Red Letter Event’ go ahead for Animal Health and Nutrition industry ….

The end of May 2022 will be very much a ‘Red Letter’ day to diary for key ‘players’ in the Animal Health and Nutrition industry as well as marking a further exciting step for the future in the new developing liaison for the Victam Corporation and VIV worldwide.

Last year, as those in the industry are aware, the partnership in Asia between VICTAM and Animal Health and Nutrition Asia for the 2020 exhibition in Bangkok, Thailand was announced. Now comes news that the two exhibition ‘brands’ will further continue their partnership by together organising VICTAM International and VIV Europe at the Jaarbeurs exhibition grounds in Utrecht in 2022 from May 31st – June 2nd.   

stand sales 

Both Victam  and VIV are both very much looking forward to welcoming world wide businesses from the Animal Feed and Health Industries to what is for both businesses very much a ‘landmark event’. Stand sales for this 2022 Event in Utrecht will commence from Autumn this year.

Cologne ‘move’
Says Mr. Sebas van den Ende, General Manager of the Victam Corporation. “This means that the VICTAM International exhibition will move back from Cologne, Germany to its home country, the Netherlands, and where it all started in 1965, the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. The set-up of this exhibition is different from the set-up in Asia as VIV Europe and VICTAM International will be co-located, but with each exhibition in their own halls. We are enthusiastic about the synergy and good co-operation that VICTAM and VIV have established. This partnership continues with a different program in Europe, which will bring to the animal husbandry industry in 2022, an even wider and richer platform . 

important achievement 

Says  Mr. Heiko M. Stutzinger, Director of VIV worldwide, and Managing Director of VNU Asia Pacific. “We look at the co-location of VIV Europe and VICTAM International as an important achievement after nearly four decades of independent growth and development of the respective Events in Europe and in the World.  Today the strong network of VICTAM in feed technology and animal feed processing, together with the Feed to Food concept that VIV Europe is famous for, are ready to deliver a very complete and professional platform to exhibitors and visitors.” concludes Mr. Stutzinger.

For more information regarding this ‘landmark’ 2022 event, please visit or

Bumper boost for World-Renowned Innovation and Development Centre! 

Work is easing ahead with Wenger Manufacturing’s impressive multi-million dollar expansion and upgrade of its renowned Wenger Technical Centre. Privately held and headquartered close by the Company’s Technical Centre in rural America in the town of Sabetha, Kansas, Wenger also has operations in Galena, Kansas and also outside the US in Belgium, Denmark, Taiwan, Brazil and China.

project completion

The project plan, with a $13 million budget, was approved and construction began in November. Wenger Technical Centre operations are to run in parallel with construction until the project completion during the fourth quarter of 2020. Wenger is the world’s leading supplier of extrusion cooking systems for food processing with a rich 85-year history. 

multiple plants 

Wenger systems are most commonly used in food, pet food and treats, aqua-feed and engineered-ingredient processing. With nearly 500 employees worldwide, Wenger operates multiple plants, a world-class innovation and development centre, and various sales and service offices around the globe.


The Technical Centre is a facility dedicated to innovation and continuous improvement of extrusion process systems for food, feed and industrial applications. The Wenger Technical Centre houses full-scale extruders, dryers and ancillary components to provide a ‘real-world’ development environment for extrusion-based products and processes. A recognised proving ground for innovation and training, the centre is used by clients, academia and other industry partners for accelerating product development and operational training. Wenger hired PMI Nebraska LLC as general contractor and will be working with other contractors and suppliers on various aspects of the project, including Pinnacle Electric, PCI Mechanical, Schenck Process, Scott Equipment and IPS. 

strategic investment

Says Lafe Bailey, Co-CEO and President of Sales and Corporate Development,“This renovation is a strategic re-investment into a facility that has long served our industries as the critical hub for innovation and continuous improvement. The Technical Centre has held global importance to the extrusion industry since 1954, and we are committed to both renewing, and expanding, the roles and responsibilities that the Wenger Technical Centre holds in the industries we serve.”

lifespan extension

The new construction will increase the existing 22,000-square-foot centre’s capacity by 40 per cent, making the facility more scaleable and extending its lifespan long into the future. The modernisation will include enhancing preventative measures for food safety, and the added square footage will make the centre more versatile. It will expand the scope of market-facing services, while also further enhancing existing innovation projects already active in the Wenger pipeline.

evaluate prototypes 

Says Brend King, Vice President and Technical Centre Director,   “As our industries face increased scrutiny over food safety, the new Wenger Technical Centre will provide a low-risk environment to evaluate prototypes and make sure new products and processes adhere to safety and quality standards. We’re very excited for this expansion as it will allow us to continue helping clients—and Wenger—move ideas from concept to market more quickly.”

real-life capacities 

By operating commercial-scale equipment, Wenger has the ability to scale up production runs to achieve real-life capacities, which is usually not possible in an R&D environment. Adds Mr Bailey,“By staging a full-scale production setup, clients can truly see what these machines can do, and they don’t have to settle for a projection of performance based on calculations. No other innovation centre of its kind has this breadth of capabilities.”

improved process flow 

The approach to the renovation plan is unique in that the new building will be constructed over top of the existing facility while operations continue inside. The first phase is construction of a modern, tension fabric structure that will completely enclose the original building. The second phase entails taking down the original steel structure underneath to create a new space with greater height and depth as well as a greatly improved process flow. The larger capacity will fit full-scale, commercial versions of nearly every piece of equipment Wenger manufactures, whereas today it houses six extruders and two dryers. 

innovative approach 

Explains Brend King further, “This innovative approach originated from our need to build a world-class innovation and development facility, all while maintaining continuity of current customer and Wenger projects. That continuity is important because the market relies on this facility to meet their goals, and we are committed to keeping it open throughout this process.


Mr King admits the company believes this is a responsible approach that clearly aligns with the Wenger culture of Integrity, Ingenuity and Initiative. He explains,  “Instead of tearing down valuable infrastructure and starting over at another site, we’re     re-purposing a well-functioning and widely utilised facility that’s already positioned right where we want it,” he says. 

industry best practice

The Technical Centre is in very close proximity to Wenger’s primary manufacturing facility in Sabetha, which allows the industry convenient access to other key aspects of Wenger capabilities, as well as other important industry partners located in the region.  The improved and modernised Technical Centre operational design was led by the expertise of Wenger’s Corporate Project Services division. It incorporates current and trending industry ‘best practice’ and usability-features in regard to layout and design and processing and facilities management.

exceptional partners 

Explains Mr King finally,“We have a visionary partner in Legacy Building Solutions, who helped us design the new facility and bring this concept to reality. We believe the Wenger and Legacy approach can also be useful for many of the existing and older operations of our clients. Wenger also is very grateful to the City of Sabetha and the surrounding community, both of which have been exceptional partners since Wenger was first established here in 1935”.

Please email Carrie Walsh if you have further questions or would like to speak directly with Brend King or Lafe Bailey at Wenger.

Experts Anyang Best of China give the ‘abc’ on the growth of Wood Pellet Production World-wide!

March 29th – The Anyang Best Complete Machinery Engineering Co Ltd  – known as the successful ABC Engineering delivers, – through its key agriculture machinery products and expert technology – the superbly engineered, vital Turnkey projects needed to aid development and handling of the likes of biomass densification, grain processing, edible oil extraction, refinery and grain milling.

The Company is the latest new IMD Online Member – and here below, its experts highlight on its web site another talked about  production issue – how the Global Wood Pellet production continues to grow…….

In the last four or five years, the growth of the global wood pellet manufacturing industry has usually been described in very positive terms as a thriving example of a growing “green energy” business model. This seems appropriate given the rapid growth of global pellet production – capacity, imports, exports, current consumption, and especially projected pellet consumption. 

Propelled by large government subsidies, green biomass legislation, and specific green energy targets/goals established by most countries in Europe, the U.S. and Canada for the next 10–15 years, future production and consumption of wood biomass, and specifically wood pellets, does indeed look very bright! 

Biomass pellets are dried and pelletized biomass materials. Sawdust, wood shavings and wood chips (main by-products of sawmill and forest industry) are the most common raw materials for pellet production. With the demand for wood pellets increasing, the traditional raw materials can no longer meet the production needs. The raw material types need to be broadened, so that to ensure sufficient raw material supplement of the pelleting industry.

Storage and transport possibilities make wood pellets effectively traded both internationally and regionally. The Wood pellet business is promising for suppliers and manufacturers, and also popular and welcomed by consumers. Wood pellets are widely used by small, medium and large scale consumers. They can be used in large CHP-plants as well as in small pellets stove.

Regarding wood pellets production and consumption – Europe and North America are the leading regions, and Latin America and Asia are emerging markets. In Russia, the production is mainly concentrated to the North Western and Middle regions where there are both a developed forest industry and sound transport infrastructures. One of the World’s biggest wood pellet plant with projected annual production of 900 000 tonnes is constructed in Viborg in Russia. The intended consumers for the material are large power plants in Europe.

Galaxy Sivtek – sieving… separating and filtering through 10,000+ successful projects World-wide…..

March 27th – Galaxy Sivtek is a leading manufacturing industrial operation producing wide-ranging, highly-effective sieves, separators and filter products to ensure that in all circumstances, whatever the industry, any in use powders, granules or liquids are always free from damaging contamination and ruination from any foreign particles.

The business operates in a wide range of industrial fields including Food, Agriculture, Pharmaceuticals, Minerals,Waste Water, Glass and Ceramics, Cement and Sand and Plastic and Polymers ….and more…

This a most flourishing business, now a new IMD Online Member:- has more than a quarter of a century’s experience in the design, development, manufacture and customization of their vibro separator and sieve products and have a highly impressive total of over 10,000+ successful projects behind them.

The Galaxy Sivtek business are totally committed to a highly attentive and fully responsive customer service and offer genuine after-market machinery spares to ensure that customer production lines always run as efficiently and effectively as required.

Read here below – – the company’s review of how the business supports the Agriculture and Fertilizer Industries …..

As you can see now day by day agriculture & fertilizer processing industries are improving their quality standards by adopting modernizations.

In agriculture industry whenever crop will come from the farm, so there is a true need to clean it before packing. For that, you need to carry out de-dusting the crop and separate unwanted particles like dust, stones and other waste materials  some of which could perhaps be used to feed  animals.

Galaxy Sivtek has the solution for your every problem regarding these testing applications. Mostly in the Agriculture industry, we used to prefer our Linea Sivtek  machine for processing and de-dusting the applications. We already provide solutions to many agriculture processing industries which you can find more about on via the link below 

With regards to the fertilizer industry there is mostly a clear need to screen check the final product. For check screening, Galaxy Sivtek specially made is excellent Inline Sivtek. Our Inline Sivtek is A Safety Screening Machine offering high capacities of wet or dry scalping in a low headroom design. Many companies make use of these very effective and  highly manageable and practical applications. 

For more: or find suitable applications for your industry or contact us…….

‘King of the crops’- That’s export and marketing experts Davis Trade and Commodities….

March 26th – Davis Trade and Commodities are an International Trade and Compliance and Export Management Company. They are based in Los Angeles USA and market most successfully in a range of high quality, expertly produce crops. These include wheat, soya beans, corn, sorghum, sugar and spices, feed and fertilisers and also beans peas and lentils.

This highly experienced business has a noticeably attentive very ‘hands-on’ approach to all of  its activities, so that its loyal customer base can have total re-assurance that all dealing with the Davis business are sure to proceed confidently to purchase without any concerns regarding grade, quality or specification. 

Davis Trade and Commodities can ship all its product range directly to  any and every approved Port to precise timelines and with all shipping documentation, certifications, licensing, and inspections organised and available. This expert attentive approach ensures any difficulties or unforeseen delays are always avoided. They are now a new IMD Online member. View at

The committed, highly professional processes and activities operated by the business are well-established and have been passed down through the generations. The Davis Trade Company continues to take the closest pride in its land and crops sources in readiness for availability and export to its diverse naturally demanding target customer markets.

All Davis Trade products are, of course, fully certified and customers can be totally confident of best quality at all times. The business commitment to the quality of its traded products is backed by an attentive experienced customer service handling – a commitment that relates to each and every shipment the business sources, markets and dispatches. 

Zhaxoue Refrigeration – now putting the competition ‘out in the cold’ with its innovation and experience!

March 26th – Shanghai Zhaoxue Refrigeration Equipment Co Ltd is a specialist in the development, engineering and manufacture of wide-ranging, expertly produced and designed cooling systems.

The business is now a new IMD Online member……….. and through the constant introduction of advanced technologies, it has today developed a high quality varied catalogue of cooling equipment and systems to meet all requirements. 

Its high quality, widely experienced, professional team of technicians, project managers and R and D experts ensures the Shanghai Zhaoxue business constantly and successfully develops numerous cutting-edge equipment and refrigeration solutions to meet constantly growing demand. These offer high efficiency, better performance and more reliability than most other systems available in today’s market place.

Users of the business’ in demand product applications include the food industry, hotels, logistics, medicine, marine and numerous varied industrial environments. The company can also offer precisely customised cooling solutions to meet specific need and requirement.

 Zhaoxue Refrigeration Equipment Co Ltd pursues quality first and intensely practices sincerity and commitment to all its customers. Its experts blog online here certain reflections on certain refrigerants……   

Freon 12 (cf2cl2) code R12 Freon 12 is a colorless, odorless, transparent, almost non toxic refrigerant, but when the air content is more than 80%, it will cause suffocation. Freon 12 does not burn or explode. When it is in contact with an open fire or at a temperature above 400 ℃, it can decompose hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen chloride and phosgene (CoCl2) harmful to human body. 

R12 is a widely used medium temperature refrigerant, suitable for small and medium-sized refrigeration systems, such as refrigerators, freezers, etc. R12 can dissolve a variety of organic matters, so it is not allowed to use ordinary rubber gasket (ring), usually chloroprene rubber or butadiene rubber sheet or sealing ring. [10]

Freon 22 (chf2cl) code R22 R22 does not burn or explode, and its toxicity is slightly greater than R12. Although the solubility of water is greater than R12, it may cause “ice jam” in the refrigeration system. R22 can partially dissolve with lubricating oil, its solubility changes with the type and temperature of lubricating oil, so the refrigeration system using R22 must have oil return measures.

The corresponding evaporation temperature of R22 under standard atmospheric pressure is – 40.8 ℃ The condensation pressure under normal temperature is not more than 15.68 × 105 PA, and the refrigerating capacity per unit volume is more than 60% larger than R12. R22 refrigerant is mostly used in air conditioning equipment.
For more go here

Carter Pumps – leading the way for years and years… and now with thousands of installations right across the World!

March 25th – Carter Pump is a leading OEM manufacturer of pumps and pump parts with worldwide applications. Now a new IMD Online member – Carter Pump were the first company to introduce the plunger pump to the wastewater industry. The company then expanded its product line to include both Pneumatic Injectors and Diaphragm Pumps.

Now Carter Pump has become established as a market leader by supplying reliable and rugged products which are exceedingly well engineered while being built and tested to withstand the rigours of wastewater applications. 

This attention to quality and detail has earned Carter Pump tens of thousands of installations around the world, all of which are supported by genuine, original equipment manufactured (OEM) replacement parts and unparalleled customer service. 

On-site design support is delivered to custom engineer solutions covering a wide range of issues that may be face during at any pump take-on project. There’s ‘on-website’  support here http://- where the Carter experts pinpoint operating aspects of one of the three types of flush mechanism – the Electrode – reference their successful Pneumatic Ejector pump product…

The Carter Pneumatic Ejector is a practical pumping and sewage boosting solution. Its remarkable solids handling ability, coupled with the fact that it has no practical limitation on head, offers the ideal solution for the movement of high viscosity liquids and solids. Capacities ranging from 30 to 600 GPM and discharge pressures up to 50 PSI enable us to select and manufacture the most effective Pneumatic Ejector for each specific application. Engineered configurations handle most requirements. There are 3 mechanisms Bell Float, Ball Float and Electrode Flush 

The electrode ejection control system is electrical and consists of three (3) stainless steel electrodes of unequal length mounted on the cover plate by means of properly insulated NEMA IV electrode holder. The cycle begins as sewage enters the pot by gravity flow. As liquid level reaches the second shortest electrode, it completes a circuit which energizes a relay and sends a signal to the electrode control panel requesting flush air. 

The discharge action continues with air being applied to the surface of the liquid until the liquid level descends in the sewage receiver past the tip of the longest electrode and the system is de-energised at which point the circuit is broken and the flow of air stopped

The electrode holder is designed to also serve as the inlet air connection such that air entering the ejector pot will blow past the electrodes tending to remove any stringy material which might otherwise adhere to them – more...

A ‘Century’ of different motors in a ‘Century’ of countries – That’s the Taizhou Xinyd Machinery success story!

March 25th – Taizhou Xinyd Machinery Co Ltd is a leading producer of an extensive range of over 100 different high quality fan motors, which it markets to over 100 countries including Europe, The United States and Japan.

Innovation,сrеаtіvіtу and manufacturing аrе the forces which drіvе the CNXINYI ѕuссеѕѕ story with its company tеаm of over 650 еmрlоуееѕ located in different 14 соuntrіеѕ, including Hong Kоng, the Unіtеd Stаtеѕ, Cаnаdа, Brazil, Eurоре,India and China. The Company is now a new IMD Online member

All CNXINYI products аrе fully-assured and tеѕtеd before еxроrt and below, one of their experts blog online at regarding the relationship between wind pressure, air volume, power and the achieved speed of the fan….

The speed ‘n’ of the fan can be directly measured by the tachometer, and its value is expressed in revolutions per minute (rev/min). Small fans typically have a high rotational speed and are often directly connected to the motor. The speed of a large fan is low. 

Generally, the belt drive is connected to the motor. The diameter of the pulley can be changed to adjust the speed of the fan. The relationship is as follows: n1/n2 = d2/d1 In the formula: n1, n2 – fan; motor speed d1, d2 – the diameter of the pulley of the fan and motor. To change the speed of the fan, just change the diameter of any one of the fans or motors.

When the fan speed is changed, so may be the characteristic parameters of the fan; The characteristic curve also changes, that is, the fan has its corresponding characteristic curve at each speed. When the speed changes, the change of the characteristic parameters Q, H, N of the fan can be calculated as follows: Q/Q` = n/n`   H/H` = (n/n`)2   N/N`= (n/n`)3……

It can be seen that if the speed of the fan is changed from n to nˊ, the change of the air volume of the fan is proportional to the primary of the speed ratio; the change of the wind pressure is proportional to the square of the speed ratio; the power change is proportional to the square of the speed ratio .

Therefore, when increasing the fan speed, there must be recalculation of the required power, and attention must be payed to whether the original motor will be overloaded. Several performance parameters of the fan are not fixed, and there is a certain internal relationship between them. 

When the fan works in the pipe network these parameters are affected by the network characteristics, so the right choice of a fan is important, as is a familiarity with its performance so that the network characteristics and the relationship between them is fully understood.

Henan Huatai – now one of THE major grain and oil machinery manufacturers World-wide…

March 25th – Henan Huatai Cereals and Oils Machinery, founded in 1950 is a large-scale oil machinery manufacturing enterprise integrating R & D, design, manufacture and installation and now forms one of the major grain and oil machinery manufacturing enterprises in China. 

It has been honoured by being named THE outstanding member of the Chinese Cereals and Oils Association. The business is now a new IMD Online member, 

The business, in this new decade, holds a very high reputation for its scientific, modern, enterprising management and precision in manufacturing. Along with it’s exceptional innovation, the business is for sure worthy of its recognised position among the leaders of all  today’s domestic grain and oil machinery manufacturing operations.

The Company  has over the years developed numerous specialist machines to cover highly varied client and industry requirements for now and the future. The business is expert at handling total specific production line projects and also integration of effective conveyor equipment required alongside production machining operations. 

These excellent versatile machines handle numerous functions –  large scale oilseed pre-treatment and pressing; oil extraction, oil refining and oil fractionation and the Huatai experts on their web site here develop as below some key guidance reference the combination of pressing and extrusion technology relating to oilseed……

Although screw press is the core equipment for oil mills, its potential can be used to the fullest when co-ordinated with a fitted pre-treatment machine specifically for oilseed.

The pre-treatment process is vital for getting the oil from the oilseed cell structure. However, complete destruction of the cell will ensue if it has a lack of enough structural strength. The normal flaking section can solve that situation.

A similar phenomenon is the control of oilseed dehulling – separation from the kernels. Among sunflower seed and canola/rapeseed, some hull can strengthen the structure. 

Good flaking is the key to success, especially in the pre-press and extraction process stages. For preparing of oilseed(steam-cooking, DTDC) there should be a careful adjustment of both temperature and humidity.

A key feature of pre-pressing is that it ideally needs be quite intensive, thus getting a good level of moderate oil release from the oilseed initially. Solvent extraction can manage and counteract the pre-treatment problems of pressing high-content oilseed from oil cake and it is more economic than engaging physical pressing.

The Huatai Cererals and Oils Machinery company not only provides quality oil seed milling machinery, but will also advise on the detailed processing of oilseed cake. To know more, feel free to get in contact .

Bruks Siwertell secures high-capacity ship unloader contract for Taiwanese Power Plant

March 25th – Bruks Siwertell has signed a contract that will see it deliver a high-capacity coal unloader for Taiwan Power Corporation’s 5,000 MW Taichung power-generation facility. A condition of the contract is that the Siwertell screw-type ship unloader will be delivered completely assembled by February 2022.

Says Per Karlsson, Siwertell President, “The delivery timescale was one consideration for the order, the others were that the unloader had to compete on three platforms: price, power consumption and operational costs. In an open, international bidding process, the equipment that offered the lowest total cost, across all three factors, was awarded the contract; and that was us. The Siwertell ship unloader excelled in all areas.”


The rail-travelling Siwertell 940 D-type unloader will have a rated coal-handling capacity of 2,200t/h, with a guaranteed average capacity of 1,650t/h; equivalent to 75 percent efficiency. It will replace two existing coal grab crane unloaders and will be delivered by heavy-lift ship.

returning customer 

Mr Karlsson adds, “Taiwan Power Corporation knows what to expect from a Siwertell unloader. This is a returning customer with the first two units sold to the operator in 1982. After this, we delivered two unloaders to its Hsinta power plant and then a further two to the Talin power station, both in Taiwan.” 

The Hsinta and Talin power stations also operate Siwertell 940 D-type unloaders, putting Taiwan Power Corporation at an advantage when it comes to servicing and parts. 

market leading                                                                                                           

Bruks Siwertell is a market-leading supplier of dry bulk handling and wood processing systems. The company designs, produces and delivers systems for loading, unloading, conveying, storing, and stacking and reclaiming dry bulk materials, alongside equipment for chipping, screening, milling and processing wood for the biofuel, board, saw mill, pulp and paper industries. All equipment is designed to ensure environmentally-friendly and efficient operations. 

Siwertell is part of Bruks Siwertell Group.

Personalised service, turnkey manufacturing projects and superb technology – Henan Sunwit goes on aiding Aquaculture across the World…

March 23rd – Henan Sunwit Industry in China is a professional fish feed machine manufacturer of more than 15 years experience. The business is a long-standing specialist in the manufacture and export of high quality fish feed machines. 

The Company also deliver precisely tailored turnkey projects for fish feed production plants and can also provide special machine products. Henan Sunwit – now a new IMD Online member – for many years researched and developed various extrusion techniques all derived from its machinery products and this has in turn resulted in  the company’s systems also being more widely used across industries other than aquaculture.

The Henam Sunwit Fish Feed Machine is very much a one-stop pelleting solutions provider. The Company can use its years of experience on a wide selection of products to ensure its clients always make the most suitable equipment choices. All machines are made from precision casting technology and are produced with strict quality control to ensure a long-service life.

The business successfully exports its highly reputable machines to many countries across the World including Ghana, The Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka…. and Nigeria. Below the Henan Sunwit experts blog on their web site –  how the Company is aiding Nigeria, where fish farming is a very promising market….

It may be no secret that many Nigerians in the country live on the edge of poverty. They can’t afford the meat they eat every day. That’s why fish is the perfect substitute for meat in a difficult Nigerian economy.

Given the demand for fish farmingthis business is very promising. It can provide people with the daily nutrition they need. It’s not as expensive as meat, so developing fish farming in Nigeria is a good thing. People who do this kind of business can make a lot of money, so if you want to benefit from it, you can also enter the market.

It doesn’t cost much to do this kind of business. We can discuss in detail the business plan for the program and the equipment that must be purchased before the program can start its business. But, in a nutshell, we just want to mention that the price of fish for the farm is affordable. Also, when it comes to talking about risks, there’s always a chance of catching the flu or virus on the farm. But for those who own fish farms, the risk is much lower because fewer diseases affect fish than poultry.

One fact we need to know is that feed is the main operating cost of most fish farms – it accounts for 50-70% of the variable cost depending on the intensity of farming. For almost all large or medium-sized fish farms, it is more cost-effective to produce fish feed pellets alone than to buy them from the market.

The Commercial fish feed extrusion process refers to a mixture of raw materials – for cooking feed at high temperature, high humidity and high pressure through a fish feed extruder in a short period of time, wherein the high temperature is the direct result of friction (dry extrusion) or pretreatment and steam injection. (wet extrusion). 

As a technical treatment, extrusion can process a variety of fish feed raw materials such as soybeans, corn, rice, peas and high water content. According to the moisture content in the raw material treatment, the fish feed extrusion process can be divided into two kinds: dry type extrusion and wet type extrusion.

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Tieling Tiancheng lights up China’s ‘Drying Equipment City’ with its expertise, science, technology…and more…

March 23rd – Tieling Tiancheng Drying Equipment Manufacturing Co Ltd was founded in the year 2000.  It designs, develops and manufactures a highly regarded series of energy saving continuous grain driers. These innovative, successful products are backed by various advance technologies. As well as in Milling, certain of the Tieling drier products are widely used in areas of the Chemical industry.

The annual output of the business exceeds 100 sets and the Company’s expertise, science and technology innovation are apparent in the production of each model within its most successful drying machine range. Most driers are totally adaptable to handle widely varied materials.

The Company’s flourishing manufacturing operation is located in Tieling – known as ‘ Drying Equipment City’  It is located within the Liaoning. Province, close to the Jingha Expressway.

Tieling Tianchang is now a new IMD Online member As it strives to continue its important contributions to the prosperity and development of grain drying, the Tieling Tianchang business adheres intensely to its own committed work ethic – “excellence, innovation, be pragmatic and efficient”. 

So in the spirit of success ..some ideally informed words from the Tieling Tiancheng experts here on their web site – on aspects of the technical characteristics of the Mixed Flow Dryer….

The Mixed-flow dryer is equipped with ventilation box (or corner tube). Under the action of gravity, the passage between the ventilation boxes of grain flows slowly from top to bottom. Hot air enters the dryer from the intake box, then flows through the grain layer to the exhaust box of Zhou State, and becomes exhaust gas from the exhaust box to the outside of the dryer. 

The flow direction of air in the drying machine is a mixed flow process, which includes four forms: downstream, countercurrent, funnel drying and soothing. The Mixed-flow dryer has smaller grain layer, smaller fan momentum, less power consumption and larger air flow. 

The heating temperature of grain is an alternating process, so it can make the higher wind temperature, not damage the grain, not drop. At the same time, it is more suitable for serialized production. Combining different standard sections which can meet the requirements of different precipitation and different output. 

A Mixed-flow dryer generally uses multi-stage drying, using different temperature range, and it can achieve a large precipitation rate from the grain. The precipitation rate of each stage is not more than 6%. The drying medium temperature is 100-160 C and the thickness of grain layer is 200-300 mm. The dryer is an all steel structure, easy to install and also easy to operate.