How much does the 2014/15 Directory cost?

The directory will cost £85 GBP including delivery. This can be paid by invoice or by credit/debit card through either this website or through the Perendale Publishers Ltd website.

When will the 2014/15 Directory be delivered?

The directory will be delivered during July, we will dispatch the directories as soon as they have been printed.

How can I update my company listing?

You can update your company listing by clicking the ‘login’ link in the top right hand corner. Once you are into this page you can find your company name in the drop down menu and enter the company pass-code which you will have received by email.

How can I get my company password?

You can click the ‘Forgotten password’ link in the top right hand corner. You will again need to find your company name in the drop down menu, you can then type your company contact email address to receive the password. If you do not know the contact email address you can email the Directory Manager ( with your company name and you will receive an email with your password.

How much will it cost to take a listing with the International Milling Directory?

Every company can take a listing with up to two sub-category listings free of charge. If you require further sub-categories they will be charged at £10 GBP per sub-category.

Can I pre-order a copy of the International Milling Directory 2013/14?

Yes! You can do this by contacting the marketing team by email. If you have a company listing there is an option to pre-order a copy at the end of the updating process.

Can I create a new sub-category heading?

Yes this can be created by requesting the heading you require from our Directory Manager. If you email the requested sub-category heading and the category you would like this to be under to our marketing team (

My company is not listed, can I create a listing for my company?

You can create a new listing by clicking the ‘Register’ link in the top right hand corner. Once you have filled in and submitted the form a password will be emailed through to you so you can activate the listing.

How long are my listings valid for?

All company listings are valid for one year from the date they are entered. All entries will be verified to ensure all details are up to date and correct before they are renewed.

Why is my company name in grey when others around it are in blue?

All updated companies are in bold to show they are active links, your company is in grey because it is yet to be activated. To activate it you will have to log into the website (see previous questions for details)

Will my listing appear in the printed directory?

All listings that are active on the website will appear within the printed directory.

If I wish to upload my company logo, what image file formats are allowed?

A company logo can be uploaded providing the file is one of the following image file formats:

  • JPEG
*.jpg  or  *.jpeg
  • GIF
  • PNG
  • TIFF
*.tif  or  *.tiff

You will not be unable to upload a logo which is saved in a PDF or EPS format.

How can I ask a question for the FAQ’s?

To ask a question please contact Tom Blacker
Telephone – Direct Line:+44 1242 267703
Fax: +44 1242 267701
Skype: tom.perendale

Tom Blacker - Directory Co-ordinator