Bühler focus on Consumer Foods with new segment

December 11,2018, by Matt Holmes

Germar Wacker

Bühler is combining its chocolate, nuts, bakery and coffee business to launch a new segment called Consumer Foods.

As of January 1, 2019, Bühler will combine them with its Haas business to “support customers even better in these global markets through simplified interfaces, integrated solutions, innovation, and services.”

Germar Wacker, now CEO of Haas, will lead the new segment and join Bühler’s Executive Board. For Bühler Group, the creation of a new segment is a milestone in its over 150 year history.

“With this move, we can create significant value for our customers and position ourselves as clear leader in the growing consumer foods market,” said Bühler CEO Stefan Scheiber.

The new segment will produce wafers, biscuits, baked goods, chocolates, pralines, filled products, nuts, coffee and more.

Recently the company has operated two businesses, Advanced Materials and Grains and Food but with the acquisition of the Austrian Haas Group, Bühler is aligning its set up and forming a new business focused on consumer foods and confectionary.

Haas has been operating as a separate Bühler business since its acquisition in 2018 with the two companies working together on many customer projects.

The new organisation combines all consumer foods related technologies and solutions in one segment.

Stefan Scheiber

“With this new, strong business pillar in the field of processing technologies in consumer foods, we can offer specialised knowledge as well as research and development to the needs of our customers in that sector,” said Germar Wacker, who is currently CEO of Haas and will lead the new segment.

The new organisation will become effective January 1, 2019.