EuroTier 2018 here I come


I am looking forward to going to EuroTier 2018 next week which promises to be another massive agricultural fair along the lines of Space 2018. It was a bit of an eye opener going to Space and one which I won’t forget.

I met lots of our advertisers there and it was good to make contact and find out what their businesses are all about. Before driving to Hannover I will be spending a couple of days with Olmix which is a fascinating company specialising in age-based solutions. One of their major drives is to try and reduce the amount of antibiotics used in feed and food which is something that Perendale   (publishers of Milling and Grain Magazine and International Aquafeed Magazine)  is passionate about. I will be fascinated to hear exactly how Olmix plan to utilise algae based products to reduce antibiotics.

In addition to visiting Olmix and EuroTier 2018 I will of course really be looking forward to immersing myself in German culture once again. Germany is a country I am very fond of I find the nation to be very friendly and welcoming. The food is also among my favourites.

So I will be telling you all about Olmix and EuroTier on my return.