Enewsletter column: March 2013

The International Milling Directory (IMD) has had a rather a lot of attention recently. We made waves in Louisville with a successful event. Regular and new members were drawn towards our hundreds of copies of the IMD – the 6 boxes we shipped over were snapped up within 2 days, leaving latecomers on the final day with not a lot of availability!

VIV Asia took place in Bangkok in early March. A great honour of the opening reception was a mention for International Milling Directories’ owner and publisher Perendale and Roger Gilbert was a boon for us all back in the office. When we found out the feedback and invitation to chair more CropTech-FeedTech conferences at more VIV events around the world was relayed back, we were all proud of this opportunity in thought leadership. The next event in this series Roger is attending will be in the Netherlands.

The next event draws closer all the time and our build up, tools and ambitions for IDMA in Turkey are very high. This is a bi-annual event in Istanbul will take place over four days and we decided to ship 10 boxes of the IMD to this exciting event. Our large presence will be part of marketing the IMD to returning and new Turkish members and they will be able to see and ask for information about participation in the new edition. On that topic, we are expecting to redesign and improve the functionality of the IMD this year which makes it the leading publication in handbooks for the international milling community.

New companies in the IMD this month: Kay International (India), Aciklar Un Sanayi (Turkey), Jiangsu Myande Food Machinery Co. Ltd. (China) and Dan Corn (Denmark).

I hope that renewal or registration of your company is something you are thinking about. It can be done very quickly and simply at