Yara International  produces and manufactures numerous Crop Nutrition products and also develops unique solutions to aid  Food and Feed nutrition Worldwide. Its aim is to be the Crop Nutrition company for the future.

The business has established a unique position for itself as a leading Global Crop nutrition company. It operates an integrated business with a World-wide presence and also, a staff rota of 16,00 employees in over 60 countries. It has reported revenues of 12.9 billion USD.

Its aim is to produce and develop a more sustainable Food Value Chain. The Yara Digital farming tools for precision farming aim to improve efficiency and sustainability of both Agriculture and Food Production.

Operations and products of Yara include:- AdBlue®, Animal Nutrition, Bio Nutrients; Concrete Additives, Diesel Exhaust management, Fluid Exhaust and Gas Treatment for Industrial Plants and Exhaust Gas Treatment for Maritime Vessels. Also, Inerting Latex; Rubber Odours and H₂S Solutions, Oil Reservoir Souring issues, Process Chemicals and Solar Power Molten Salt.

Company details

  • Address: Drammensveien 131, Oslo, 0277
  • Country: Sweden
  • Tel: +47 24 15 70 00
  • Fax: +47 24 15 70 01

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