The United States Wheat Associates (USW) organisation develops Export Markets, demonstrating the reliability, choice, and value of United States Wheat products. USW operates in 13 locations across the World.

It is  supported by a successful partnership with 17 Wheat Commissions, located across the United States. The USW works with its members to develop, maintain and expand International markets and also to enhance the profitability of US Wheat Producers and ensure customer value.

Among services provided by USW is a special’ library’ of Market and Crop Information, including Price Reports, Price Charting Tools; Harvest Reports; Crop Quality Information; Supply and Demand updates and also, Commercial Sales Guidance and expert advice on varied operational and trading issues.

Also, the USW provide valuable guidance resources to buyers. These include information on Wheat Categories; A glossary of various US Wheats; Information on Wheat Grade Factors and also, guidance on Wheat-Buying processes. There is also further  support provided via a range of comprehensive, additional printed and online Information resources.

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  • Address: Suite 300 , 3103 10th Street, Arlington, Virginia, VA 22201
  • Country: United States of America
  • Tel: +1 202 463 0999
  • Fax: +1 703 524 4399

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