Established in April 1998, NAMA is the Trade association of the Wheat, Corn, Oat and Rye Milling industries. The Association Member Companies operate Mills in 38 states and, also in Canada, representing more than 90 percent of Industry production capacity.

NAMA formed in a merger of the Millers’ National Federation (1902), the American Corn Millers’ Federation (1918),  Protein Grain Products International, the National Association and also, after 1999, the American Oat Association (1988).

The Association represents the Milling Industry with the Federal Government and Congress. Among its primary goals is to ensure a plentiful National supply of top quality grains, produced in the most efficient, sustainable and safe way possible. NAMA also plays a vital role in delivering Nutrition to American consumers, as well as providing nutritious grain-based products to aid the feeding of the World.

Foods made from the Flour, Meal and Oats, milled by NAMA members, are important components of a healthy diet. Enriched grains are good sources of key nutrients, vitamins and fibre, which can prevent disease.


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