The Union Millers of Ukraine was established to support the Ukrainian producers of Flour, Groats, and other Grain by-products. The ‘lead’ goal of the Association is to protect the interests of representatives of the Grain Processing industry in Ukraine and to co-ordinate Export policies, in order to expand Sales Markets.

The organisation is active in all aspects of the Development of the Grain Processing Industry. It is moving to enhance business co-operation between Industry representatives and to drive forward the successful, relevant, lobbying interests of Association members.

A key focus remains the reduction of Grain Processing costs and the need also to achieve an improvement in Grain-processing Technologies and Standards throughout the Country. The organisation is dedicated to a clear commitment to implement its International experience of operation in all areas of the Grain Processing Industry globally.

Members of the Union include, the owners of Grain Processing Plants and relating enterprises such as Elevator producers and Granary production operations. Also members, are Machinery Manufactures, Engineering  Companies, Suppliers of Grain Milling equipment and other participants of the general Grain-Processing market, including Producers of the likes of Flour, Groats and other Grain by-products.

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  • Address: 6-b Zolotovoritska St , Kiev, 01001
  • Country: Ukraine
  • Tel: +38 0442 399374
  • Fax: +38 05623 20795

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