USA located Microfluidics enables innovative businesses to develop nano-enabled medicines, chemicals and consumer products that change the World.

It produces unrivalled results in uniform nanoemulsions, cell disruption and uniform particle size reduction, seamless scaleup and unparalleled repeatability.

Microfluidics high-pressure homogenisers are leading the global nano-revolution. No other high-pressure processor is capable of generating the ‘shear levels’ routinely achieved by this business’ Microfluidizer technologies.  Its machinery and expertise consistently achieves superior results in terms of significantly greater particle size reductions and also, remarkably uniform particle-size distributions. This is vital for those depending on nanotechnology for innovative products with unprecedented properties.

The Microfluidics  products differ only in their characteristic batch size/flow rates, pressure ranges and motor types. Available are an impressive range of homogenizers, from bench-top laboratory models, capable of processing small, investigatory samples, to pilot and production-scale machines capable of handling progressively larger batch sizes. There are Lab Benchtop Machines and Pilot and Scale Production Equipments.


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  • Address: Suite 1000 , 90 Glacier Drive, Westwood, Massachusetts, MA 02090
  • Country: United States of America
  • Tel: +1 6172 452438

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