Innovative Magnetics designs, develops manufactures Magnetic Separator Machinery and Equipment for businesses in the Food, and Grain Industries. Also, other Industry sectors including Pharmaceuticals; Chemicals, Plastics and Recycling.

The business’ Grain Handling machinery products include, The PNGT Grate Magnet;  The PNTH Horizontal and also Angled Magnets. Food Processing equipment – GTR Angled Magnets, GTTR Tri Magnets, GRTS Spiral Magnetic Roll and the New Series GRTG Grate Magnets. Also, PNTH Horizontal and PNT Angled Magnets.

Innovative Magnetics Dry Separator Machinery features are:-  Nova 100% Rare Earth Maximum Magnetic Strength; Quick and easy Contamination Cemoval, Built-in removable contamination ‘catch’ pans, Low-profile design ..and more.


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  • Address: 11 Columbia Drive , Amherst, New Hampshire, NH 03031
  • Country: United States of America
  • Tel: +1 603 5988300

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