Delivery programme for the feed industry
Process technology, engineering, machines, plants, turn-key factories, and worldwide a service.
Turn-key feedmills and plants for: compound feed, shrimp and fishfeed, petfood,
premix/concentrate, roughage feed, untraditional feedmills (straw), dried green forage and beet pulp.
Proportioning and weighing equipment, mixers, hammer mills, aspiration, liquid proportioning units, continuous mixers, conditioners, hydrothermal reactors, sterilizers, annular gap expanders, extruders, pelleting presses, coolers/dryers, crumblers, ROTOSPRAY, control and regulation systems, worldwide after-sales service.


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  • Address: Dieselstrasse 5-9, D-21465 Reinbek
  • Country: Germany
  • Tel: +49 4072 771-0
  • Fax: +49 4072 771-100

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