Alapala and Daewon announce partnership




                                    Daewon GSI

International Milling Directory members Alapala and Daewon GSI announce a new partnership. 

The International Milling Directory knows the Turkish organisation Alapala as an advertiser on the back page of our current and previous editions and Daewon GSI for their rice milling to colour machinery from the Republic of Korea.

Our sister blog, The Global Miller, covered this story and we wanted to relay the message for all International Milling Directory members and users immediately.

Alapala has announced a strategic partnership with Daewon GSI to provide its customer colour sorter, rice mill, pre-cleaner, de-stoner and debraning machines for the global market.
This strategic partnership is an excellent opportunity for Alapala and Daewon GSI to combine their expertise, resources and vast experience in the field of coaching to better meet the growing needs of sector customers.

This strategic partnership expansion will be highlighted by engineering teams collaborating on deeper integrations across the Alapala and Daewon GSI‘s infrastructure and management stacks, data centre, networking and computing platforms.

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