Zheng Chang celebrates 100 years of innovation

Zheng Chang Group came together to celebrate 100 years of leading animal feed production in China. Perendale Publishers were represented at the auspicious celebrations by Tuti Tan, Circulation and Events organiser.

More than 100 dignitaries joined with senior staff members from Zheng Chang as they looked back on 100 years of innovation at the forefront of animal feed technology.

The atmosphere of the celebration was warm and the performances such as “Encouraging the New Era”, “Innovating the World” and “The Power of Endeavour” all represented Zheng Chang’s 100-year culture and century glory.

President Hao Bo gave a speech to the gathered delegation at the stadium in Liyang Jiangsu.

He said: “Innovation is the fount of Zheng Chang’s permanent development. Zheng Chang was founded by the name of Zheng Chang Oil Mill in 1918 and transformed into a public-private joint venture in 1956, and renamed Liyang Grain Machinery Factory in 1969.

“It was successfully restructured in 2003 into the Shanghai Zheng Chang International Machinery Engineering Company Ltd to start exploiting the international market we responded to the national “One Bet One Road” initiative in 2014, and founded Zheng Chan Brazil Co. Ltd in 2015 as the first base in South Africa.

“By then we had automated manufacturing, and filed in many gaps. Up to now Zheng Chang has grown into a national grain storage engineering company that specialises in offering stable, reliable storage projects and total solutions.”

He went on to outline Zheng Chang’s development, praising the “decades of professionalism and craftmanship” which has enabled Zheng Chang to become a “global leading feed equipment, storage equipment and integrated system service provider.”

“Zheng Chang has made groundbreaking achievements in many areas, such as having built more than 3600 feed and storage projects at home and abroad, attracted all types of global enterprises top invest in Liyang, and shared its fruits with others.

“In the past century full of hardships, Zheng Chang has grown so big and strong: the staff of Zheng Chang has moved ahead at a steady pace to continue the writing of the centennial history and create brilliance with the spirit of struggle, innovation, valiancy, pioneering and devotion with support and help from the leaders at all levels, our clients  and friends.

“Looking today we are in endless struggle – innovation has made Zheng Chang China’s only company with intellectual property rights for feed and storage equipment.”

Mr Hao Bo praised Zheng Chang’s core culture of “concentration, innovation, integrity, stability, harmony, value creation and result orientation.”

He said he hoped Liyang would become the “feed machinery capital of the world” and the “home of Chinese feed machinery.”

“Not only is Zheng Chang a time-honoured Chinese enterprise, but it is aspiring to go global on behalf of Chinese brands.

“Zheng Chang is growing into a leading wealth factory with sustainable profitability, to build a better future.”