Zhaxoue Refrigeration – now putting the competition ‘out in the cold’ with its innovation and experience!

March 26th – Shanghai Zhaoxue Refrigeration Equipment Co Ltd is a specialist in the development, engineering and manufacture of wide-ranging, expertly produced and designed cooling systems.

The business is now a new IMD Online member……….. and through the constant introduction of advanced technologies, it has today developed a high quality varied catalogue of cooling equipment and systems to meet all requirements. 

Its high quality, widely experienced, professional team of technicians, project managers and R and D experts ensures the Shanghai Zhaoxue business constantly and successfully develops numerous cutting-edge equipment and refrigeration solutions to meet constantly growing demand. These offer high efficiency, better performance and more reliability than most other systems available in today’s market place.

Users of the business’ in demand product applications include the food industry, hotels, logistics, medicine, marine and numerous varied industrial environments. The company can also offer precisely customised cooling solutions to meet specific need and requirement.

 Zhaoxue Refrigeration Equipment Co Ltd pursues quality first and intensely practices sincerity and commitment to all its customers. Its experts blog online here certain reflections on certain refrigerants……   

Freon 12 (cf2cl2) code R12 Freon 12 is a colorless, odorless, transparent, almost non toxic refrigerant, but when the air content is more than 80%, it will cause suffocation. Freon 12 does not burn or explode. When it is in contact with an open fire or at a temperature above 400 ℃, it can decompose hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen chloride and phosgene (CoCl2) harmful to human body. 

R12 is a widely used medium temperature refrigerant, suitable for small and medium-sized refrigeration systems, such as refrigerators, freezers, etc. R12 can dissolve a variety of organic matters, so it is not allowed to use ordinary rubber gasket (ring), usually chloroprene rubber or butadiene rubber sheet or sealing ring. [10]

Freon 22 (chf2cl) code R22 R22 does not burn or explode, and its toxicity is slightly greater than R12. Although the solubility of water is greater than R12, it may cause “ice jam” in the refrigeration system. R22 can partially dissolve with lubricating oil, its solubility changes with the type and temperature of lubricating oil, so the refrigeration system using R22 must have oil return measures.

The corresponding evaporation temperature of R22 under standard atmospheric pressure is – 40.8 ℃ The condensation pressure under normal temperature is not more than 15.68 × 105 PA, and the refrigerating capacity per unit volume is more than 60% larger than R12. R22 refrigerant is mostly used in air conditioning equipment.
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