Wheat supply target description of Pakistan Punjab province

May 22nd, 2020: The Punjab Food Department has reached 32% of its wheat supply target, according to a statement from an Pakistani state official. In addition, it was reported that wheat purchases in all segments are continuing and the government has set the wheat purchase target more than 158 billion Rs and farmers are given 1,400 Rupees per 40kg of wheat.

Stating that the country’s economy is under pressure due to the coronavirus epidemic, the authorised government informed that those who struggle in the front line had up to 8 million Rupees of life insurance and that they were strictly struggling.

It was also reported that those who kept the basic commodities had to face serious penalties and strict steps were taken against wheat stocking in Punjab. While it is informed that 436 places have been raided and 33 thousand tons of wheat have been seized so far, it has been said that there will be no tolerance in this regard.