U.S. Grains Council welcomes new agreement with Mexico and Canada

The United States of America has reached a new agreement with Mexico and Canada.

A statement from U.S. Grains Council Chairman, Jim Stitzlein said he was now looking forward to approving the new agreement.

He said: “The U.S. Grains Council (USGC) is very pleased to see the United States, Mexico and Canada have reached a new agreement. 
“No trade agreement has had more impact on our sector than NAFTA which prompted explosive growth in our export sales to both countries as well as the development of a fully-integrated grains and livestock supply chain within North America.


Jim Stitzlein

“Over the past two decades, this agreement has proven beneficial for the producers, agricultural sectors and economies of all three countries. 
“We appreciate the dedicated, hard work of our negotiating team to achieve this outcome with our neighbors and customers and look forward to fully examining the new text as the process of approving the new agreement begins a new phase.”
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