Turkey changed customs duty rate for wheat, barley and corn

October 22nd, 2020 – With the Presidential decree, it was informed that the customs duty applied on the imports of durum wheat, common wheat, red wheat, maize, white barley, malt barley and corn was reset until January 1, 2021.

With the Supplementary Decision to the Import Regime Decision, the customs duty on wheat, barley and corn up to 45 percent according to country groups was zeroed.

Customs duty was 45 percent on wheat, 35 percent on barley and 25 percent on corn.

The reason for the decision is the increase in world grain prices due to the decision of major grain exporting countries such as Russia and Ukraine to restrict exports due to the Kovid-19 outbreak, and China and similar importing countries to increase wheat imports. Turkey’s target is to avoid local price increases.

The decision was published in the official newspaper as of yesterday.