Throwing ‘something of a light’ from Ningbo China on the functional uses of lighters world wide….

March 2nd – Ningbo Ouqi Smoking Set Co Ltd was founded in 1992. It is a private enterprise specialising in the design, research, development and manufacture of various use lighter and wheel lighter products as well as  additional items such as spot guns, spray guns and straight blanking machines. The Ningbo Ouqi Company is also now a member of IMD online.

Due to its continuous innovation and development, the company now holds numerous key certifications –  ISO900; The 2008 Quality Management System Standard; An “Export Product Quality Permit” ; The BSCI qualification; The “ISO9994” quality inspection and identification and also the highly identifiable, Chinese Enterprise Trademark –  “WANSFA”.

The Company’s impressive manufacturing centre covers an area of 40,000 square meters and there is an on-site personnel rota of more than 800 people. Since its inception, this now fast expanding and developing company, adheres in all respects to a precise operating business commitment  – “quality first, safety first, and continuity – to meet customer expectation.” The Ouqi Smoking Set experts highlight below key marketing aspects reference the  humble lighter today….. 

1. Pragmatism – Nowadays, living standards continue to improve. From the perspective of practicability and environmental protection, people have left matches and bought lighters. There are 1.88 billion smokers in the world. For such a large group, the demand for lighters is huge. As a practical advertising medium, the role of lighters is self-evident.

2. The collection  – Today’s lighters are not only practical, but also developed into a unique handicraft, which has a high appreciation and collection value. There are more and more people collecting lighters now. It is said that there are about 2,000 people in China who collect the lighter.

3. Gifts – The cost of a lighter is not high, it is a good gift for the smoker? 

4. Advertising – Nowadays, lighters have gradually evolved into a new type of advertising media, and savvy manufacturers are willing to adopt them, especially for tobacco and alcohol products.It is also an ideal promotional companion because of its low investment and long-lasting effects. The target group is clear, companies such as beverage companies, hotels, restaurants and more ….. but unfortunately there are not many choices when it comes to lighter manufacturers of excellence.

5. Environmental protection – (as compared with matches). Matches will consume a lot of firewood and destroy the forest. The lighter made of metal shell is very environmentally friendly. Because the metal shell takes a long time and can be recycled. Plastic lighters have a short life cycle, but the plastic case can also be recycled.