The vital issue of re-cycling within Telecommunications comes still further into focus….

March 7th – Established in 1992, Hangzhou Dongxing Telecommunication Material Co Ltd, located in Hangzhou,China, is a specialist producer of high quality telecommunication materials – namely products such as Aluminium Foil tape, Aluminium AC and Fire-Resist foils and ‘Free edge’ and Copper foils.

The business also markets foil products for household & catering. It’s most recently developed new products are a range of foil ‘flame retardant’ and waterproof materials to be widely used in electronic equipment and also on building projects.

research and production

The Dongxing Telecommunication Material – a new IMD online member now – is an appointed China supplier to Amphenol-tuchel Electronics Gmbh, a world famous Telecommunication group and holds the ISO9001-2000 and ISO 14000 certifications for specialism in research and production.

The Company has a flourishing trade across China and also has a growing international market-place for its products – telecommunications; catering and household – to the U.S.A, U.K., Germany, South Korea, Japan, Canada and South-East Asia….. and more.

Spotted on the Dongxing Telecommunication company’s web site – an eye-catching industry news blog on cable re-cycling – a vital discussion point with many working within  telecommunications industries …

The story is that a lead cabling company is now using re-cycling cross-linked polyethylene used in cable insulation material for  insulation of its power cables. The company said this is a “significant step” in its ambition to reduce the carbon footprint of its low-medium- and high-voltage power cable solutions. Power cables are the backbone of the global power grids being crucial to the transition to renewable energy. For sure, indicate the NKT Company, the focus on sustainability in the power cable industry is constantly increasing.

The recycling process has been developed through a project with the Swedish research institute RISE IVF, AXJO Plastic and material specialist Borealis. In the past few years, NKT has industrialised the process of recycling XLPE in close collaboration with AXJO Plastic, which is now manufacturing cable drums from the recycled XLPE material. For sure it is said the benefits of the recycling are clear!

The material costs are significantly reduced compared with new raw materials and approximately two tonnes of CO2 are saved for every tonne of recycled material the company says. With recycling of XLPE from production sites in Sweden, Denmark and Germany say the Company, a significant step to decrease the carbon footprint and ensure a sustainable lifecycle of our power cable portfolio is being achieved.

Insulation often accounts for a substantial part of its power cables, and so NKT is working closely with material supplier Borealis to discover and develop sustainable solutions with XLPE material for the power cable industry. A stronger focus on sustainability in the supply chain is a natural step when reducing the overall carbon footprint of our power cables. With XLPE being an important material for high-performing power cables, it is good to see a closer collaboration with key supplier Borealis to continue to drive sustainable XLPE solutions.