Tenau Elevators…elevating success ..elevating technologies .. elevating sales ..and offering an ‘Elevator speech’ too!

Tenau Elevator (China) is located in Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province. It was taken into ownership by the Suzhou Diao Elevator company in 2012 and now the factories of the two companies are consolidated and manufacture all types of escalators, cargo elevators and home lifts….and more.

These can be found in all and every type and style of location worldwide. Tenau Elevators are now an IMD Online member – see here…

The expanded Tenau business has an impressively high degree of innovative and intricate automation, and its Savanini production line, which was imported from Italy, can form a lift car door in just 90 seconds. What’s more, key R and D technologies within the Tenau business, have led to the achievement of exceptional high production levels of all kinds of specialist complex product machinery items such as intelligent control cabinets and the variable-frequency automatic door operators. 

It’s manufacturing operations achieve highly unique and precise efficiency performance and accuracy, alongside exceptional, reliable finish quality.  Lift Cars and Doors are welded by full-automatic ABB robots, achieving more ultimate efficiency, accuracy and a higher quality product finish.

So, plenty to shout about when it comes to elevators – and intriguingly on their web site, the Henau Company offer information on an ‘Elevator’ Speech! ….. Apparently if you’re in business, looking for a job, of even if you socialise a lot, having an “Elevator speech” is an essential resource, it is said to have in your professional or personal tool box!! Read on…. and for those who are not familiar with the concept, we can start with an elevator speech definition…..

An elevator speech (or 30 second intro) is a short, persuasive description of a person, organization or group, or an idea for a product, service, or project……apparently!!

It is a sound bite that details your professional or personal story, which should be prepared well in advance before you need it. This ‘sound bite’ is a short well-crafted statement that should be concise but detailed enough to inform a potential business prospect, employer or anyone else you come into contact with about yourself, your business, your products or services, or your organisation, preferably in the amount of time it takes to ride in an elevator.

An elevator speech should be short, to the point and grab your listener’s attention by saying a lot in very few words, yet leave your audience wanting to know more. A good elevator speech can be as short as 3 to 4 short sentences, about 50-100 words and take less than 30 seconds to deliver, or it can even be longer than 30 seconds. One minute and 2 minute elevator speeches can also be used in appropriate situations…. so it is said….

There’s plenty more too …so check out the full story of how to ‘elevate’ yourself to a new ‘level’ with your ‘elevator’ speech here …..