Zhejiang Xier Plastic valves are repairable.. and ‘we will repair them’ explain the Xier experts…

The Zhejiang Xier Plastic Valve Lead Co Ltd, formed in 1993 and located in Zhejiang Province, China,  is a leading, long established, manufacturing and trading company of PVC and PPR Ball Valve products. 

highly professional expertise 

It’s factory facility contains 64 injection machines used to produce the business’ highly successful Ball Valve products. Xier Plastic has a long-standing and highly professional expertise and experience in the development and manufacture of varied ball valve technology and production, and is known for its products world-wide. 

The business – a recent new member of IMD online – continues to invest in Ball Valve making and moulds in order to remain totally responsive to all customers’ development requests, however complex and demanding they may be.  Here below, their experts review the issue of repair to their PPR Ball Valve products should they become damaged … 

When PPR Ball Valves become damaged and start leaking water then most suppliers simply replace the damaged valve with a new one. It is true, many think that valves such as these are unable to be repaired and tend to think the only answer is to spend money replacing them.

We at Xier would say this is not the case. Most valve service providers may not provide a PPR Ball Valve Repair service and they usually prefer to replace it, but these valves are repairable and this applies to the each of the three general types of ball valves whatever their bore sizing type…….

The full port valve has a large ball, and the hole is the same size as the pipe resulting in minimum friction loss. Flow is unrestricted, but the valve is larger.

In a decreased or reduced bore ball valve flow over the valve is one pipe size, smaller than the valve’s pipe size, resulting in flow area becoming lesser than the pipe.

A V-port ball valve has a closer limited flow characteristic. This type of valve needs to be more robust in production, due to the greater velocities of the fluids going through it and the volume is a key factor in a valve becoming damaged. 

Those are the key three bore size types and each can be repaired…. and Xier will repair them in all reasonable circumstances. Visit ….www.xier.com