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The International Milling Directory website will be getting a series of updates. This site has provided a great channel for all other online exposure for International Milling Directory members and we seek to improve it further. We will make the online site a better experience but wanted to invite and include members in with this change too. It comes when we are well into updating the new print edition with new members and advertisers. Any suggestions can be emailed to Tom at

The website will be fully functional whilst the changes are being made so have no fear in going there now.

New member companies and updates to the existing records can be made at Join now to be in the 22nd print edition and be a part of it.

Advertising and marketing opportunities are available as well. Please click HERE to download the 2013/14 Media File for for more information contact Tom Blacker, Directories Co-ordinator on:

Direct Line: +44 1242 267703
Fax: +44 1242 267701

Introducing: Yaşar Group

The field of milling machinery technology is a very competitive field so the International Milling Directory (IMD) is always interested in new developments. The Turkish firm Yaşar Group specialise in milling machinery equipment. This is complemented by other products in cleaning technology, transport, packaging, automation, corn drying, spare parts and silos. Their listing in the IMD is now live in the IMD Online at:

I look forward to creating a good relationship to retain the Yaşar Group in the IMD for many more years to come. Register now and update your listing here!

Yaşar Group

Yaşar Group

Contributer’s Column

We’re signing off for Christmas here at the International Milling Directory (IMD). Since this blog was launched in Spring of this year, 2012, we have seen it develop and become an important part of the IMD.

Traffic has increased to a total of over 2000 hits. Press releases have been published. New members have been introduced. Events have been live blogged.

We can only hope for progress and success in the new year for the IMD as we look ahead to the production cycle and publication of the 2013/14 edition.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all.