Alapala win the GRAPAS Innovation 2015 first prize award in Cologne

On June 11 2015,  the GRAPAS Innovation Award winners were announced at FIAAP/VICTAM/GRAPAS COLOGNE 2015. Exhibitors could enter their products and services in three different categories; the Aquafeed Innovation Award, the FIAAP Animal Nutrition Award and the GRAPAS Innovation Award. The Innovation awards were to be given to the most innovative and economically beneficial equipment, process or service for the miller as part of another successful GRAPAS Conference and Awards 2015.

Alapala was nominated from the category, ‘Milling Industry’  and won first place for innovation for its roller-mill Similago II launched in April 2013. Similago II redefined grinding technology and has become a symbol of power, passing all the details meticulously reviewed by an independent judging panel.

The Grapas Award was received by Sales Director Mr Stefano Soldi and Area Sales Manager Mr Cagdas Ingin on behalf of the Alapala Group.

Stefano (left) and Cagdas (second left) hold the winning GRAPAS Innovation award and certificate

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IDMA 2015 – Bühler demonstrates processing expertise

The Bühler Group is prominently on display at the IDMA technology trade show in Istanbul, Turkey from April 23 until 26, 2015. The Business Area Grain Milling will be showcasing the entire breadth of its processing expertise at its approximately 600 m2 booth (B-17) in Hall 2. Under the motto, “One step ahead in processing grains to food”, Bühler is presenting various new or improved machinery and plants to the technical public. Besides the two roller mills, Dolomit and Antares, Bühler will be demonstrating the innovative plansifter Seginus. With a seamless synchronous processing set-up that is unique worldwide, this plansifter uses a minimum amount of space while maintaining top sanitation and enables flexible sifting and sorting of flour and semolina at a throughput capacity of up to 20% more.



Bühler also showcases its sorting skills with the colour sorter from the Sortex A series that has sophisticated and multifaceted sorting functions. In addition, Bühler is also displaying the newly developed destoner, Combistoner, the latest generation of the moisture control unit MYFE and the water proportioning unit MOZH as well as the flexibly usable, automatic Bühler bagging line for free flowing and non-free flowing products. To round up, the new impact machine Matador for reliably destroying insect eggs in flour and semolina as well as three measuring systems for continuous particle size measurement (Online PSM MYTA), the NIR Multi-Online Analyzer for determining moisture, protein, ash and starch damage (MYRG) and the sensor MYHB for colour and speck analysis will all be on display at the Bühler trade show booth at the IDMA 2015.


IDMA – advert from Milling and Grain



Mehdi Eker – Speaking and touring the 11th TUSAF Congress

Mr Mehdi Eker – Government Minister, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, took to the podium earlier this morning and reiterated the importance of Wheat and Health, emphasising to all the extreme importance of this topic.

Mr Mehdi Eker - Government Minister, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock

Mr Mehdi Eker – Government Minister, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock

Raising once again the topic of not eating any white foods, Mr Eker went on to explain that we have been consuming bread as a product for over 1,000 years, and surely this should have been enough time to have identified if this product should be consumed by humans. Quite the contrary, it has been a stable food of our ancestors and they have all been very healthy.

Mr Eker also continued that Anatolia or Asia Minor as it was known is one of, if not, the richest places on the earth. having over 4,200 plants and species under protection. For 1000s of years humans have farmed this land for wheat for human consumption.

He continued with it therefore being logical to assume that in this case the wheat and various plant variants will have been cultivated and will have entered our genes, and our genes must have over 1000s of years become accustomed to them.

We must remember that Anatolia is the birthplace of wheat and over many years has spread all over the world and in regions like the Americas and Europe it is a basic staple food for millions. There are of course other basic staple foods in other regions which have a different typography or weather system such as rice and maize, however it is well know that if these three; wheat has a much, much higher nutritional value.

Globally, people not only eat the basic food stuffs, they also eat food prepared by others and processed foods. Any new foods produced today are taken to the global market very quickly with advertising and good logistics, this is why we have seen an increase in refined foods being consumed.

What is critical, is we need to synthesise the knowledge at hand with wisdom – if not we will have knowledge pollution, and what we eat will become a burden.

Mr Eker continued, campaigns against specific food stuffs is not wise. In reality we each need different food categories to a certain amount for a balanced diet.

Important of course is the amount of each food stuff you consume.


Mr Zeki from Bastak talking with Mr Eker


Behn + Bates meet with Mr Eker


Wheat and health is the theme of TUSAF this year – which means what we should eat and what we should not eat. Over the years we have seen historical activities against specific food stuffs for example:

  • When margarine came to the market, we were warned off butter, when vegetable and sunflower oil entered the market we were warned against olive oil the same happened with eggs which much mud slinging.
  • We must be careful of the negative campaigns, there is nothing wrong with white bread, butter and olive oil, everything in moderation is good.
  • If you are ill, go to the doctor for a prescription – do not just stop eating a specific food type.

Mr Eker went on to talk about the wheat and flour industry, pointing out that Turkey is now either number 1 or 2 in the world for wheat exports, and in 2002 they were significantly lower. He was keen to point out that this needs and deserves attention.

From 2003 to 2013 Turkey saw huge growth, not only did they grow more, more was processed and significantly more exported being the surplus. In addition to this Turkey imported over 40 million tons of grain worth over $16.5 million, after it was then processed and exported.

In 2005, Turkey was the 11th largest global exporter of wheat/flour with $353,000 tons worth around 48,000. In 2014 this was 2.2 million tons worth $993 million dollars (almost $1 billion).

Mr Ekin announced, we must target 1 billion and exceed this milestone. We are the leaders around the world, I am proud to announce this at such an international conference.

On top of this, our pasta exports have gone up 30 fold, in 2002 we were the 7th largest and in 2013th we were the 2nd largest exporter of pasta, 2014 figures are not in yet but I suspect we will either hold our position at second or jump to number one.

Mr Ekin walks about the 11th TUSAF 2015 trade show

Mr Ekin walks about the 11th TUSAF 2015 trade show

Mr Eker explained a few statistics, 54% of all registered farmers in Turkey are producing wheat with more than 1 million people employed. He was proud to point out the Turkish governments involvement in certifying seeds, some of which are developed by government agencies and some in the private sector. Mr Eker also reminded everyone that the Turkish Government is meeting 22% of all the wheat production cost, through such areas and soil analysis for farmers.

Explains that they are behind 464 projects where they have spent over 100,000,000 Turkish lira of which 213 of these projects are directly related to Wheat processing.

And for the future they are protecting seeds and genes in Ankara, where they have the worlds 3rd largest gene bank. Alongside which they have opened anew biological centre where they can study new seeds and where it used to take 10 to 12 years to bring a new seed to market, they will now be able to do it in 7 years.

Mr Mehdi Eker then went on a longer walk around the exhibition, photos below:–



TUSAF meets Mr Eker


Mr Erkin meets with Parantez

Mr Erkin meets with the Parantez Group, organisers of next month’s IDMA Exhibition

Mr Erker meets with Kett

Mr Vural Kural from TUSAF (centre) today at the 11th TUSAF 2015

Mr Vural Kural (centre) and colleagues from TUSAF today at the 11th TUSAF 2015

Big new investment from İmaş Makine

International Milling Directory member, İmaş Makine and their Milleral products are pleased to announce that a groundbreaking ceremony has been held for the new factory, which will increase the capacity of İmaş two and a half times. İmaş Makine, offering its products with Milleral trademark, will put its new factory into use over an area of 56 thousand square metres with 20m TL (Turkish Lira) of investment. The company aims to increase turnover by three times in the medium term.

İmaş Makine, which is one of the İttifak Holding subsidiaries and a leading representative of the mill technologies sector, has broken the ground for their new factory on October 14, Tuesday at the 2nd Organized Industry Extension Area in Konya. Tuncay Lamcı, İmaş Makine General Manager, spoke on the groundbreaking ceremony and said: “Our current factory which has an area of 10,300 square metres will be extended approximately two and a half times and will be active over an area of 25,623 square metres. Seha Yapı, one of the group’s companies, will carry out the construction which we aim to finish in one year.”

Lamcı mentioned that the factory will be built with an infrastructure, which could provide the electric energy required by the company and in steel construction. He added, “Our company, who constructs turnkey grain milling factories and carries out important works in metal cutting sector, is on its way to become an intelligence company which could respond to all the needs of the sectors in which it provides service.”






Lamcı mentioned that together with the new factory investment they aimed to achieve highest quality with lower costs and added: “We will establish a structure in our new factory, which has improvable integrated business processes, which supports the innovation; with working principles carrying more efficient, more advanced and more competitive qualities and which is ready for the needs the future would bring. In our new factory in which we can find the opportunity to try out our innovative and technologically value added products we produce, we will continue to design machinery and systems that are sustainable and that provide competitive power to our customers.

Lamcı stated that the new structure will remove the labor, place and time losses in the new factory and will meet the needs of social and educational needs of the employees. He also said that they aim to increase the turnover threefold by increasing export as parallel to growing production.



Lamcı stated that İmaş Makine was established as the second subsidiary of the İttifak Holding in order to be active in the milling sector in 1989 and in 1991, they added band saw machines to their activities and became active in these two sectors and added: “İmaş has become a global company today. Our has exported our goods up to more than 60 countries by carrying the technology from Central Asia to Middle East, from African Countries to Turkish Republics. Within this scope, we export nearly 96% of our milling machines and 17% of our band saw machines. The performance we have shown so far has encouraged us to grow. We believe that we will see the outcome of this as soon as possible.”




Tuncay Lamcı has stated that as they have focused on three important issues in R&D and system design. Lamcı said: “We determine all the opportunities which will maximize the energy efficiency, system operation and long service life and then we present this philosophy which we call “Smart Milling” to use parallel to the interests of our customers.” He added that they see their products they have presented to global markets not just as machinery but systems which symbolize technology, quality and trust and that they would form an added value for the customers with this approach in the future.



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Anatolia Flour Industrialists’ Association annual meeting 2014

Conference hall

Conference hall

The 2014-2015 harvest year evaluation meeting” was held in the Perissia Hotel in Ürgüp, Cappadocia from Friday 12th to Sunday 14th September. The Anatolia Flour Industrialists’ Association (AFIA) hosted the meeting. In the meeting, the aim was to bring together the flour and cereals sectors, the future of wheat, the strategic importance of wheat in the world and the Turkish harvest results were evaluated together with the Turkish Grain Board (TMO) and the sector’s leading representatives. Foreign language interpreting was provided for bilateral meetings with international suppliers for imported wheat. Exhibitions, debates, trips and social programs went ahead with the participation of the companies as well as a panel entitled “The Future of Wheat in Turkey and in the World”. Furthermore, it was organised for the first time during the meeting for the participation of the AFIA representatives working under the larger Turkish Flour Industrialists’ Association (TFIA).


Exhibition hall

Exhibition hall




International IDMA reaches further than ever before

In April next year, from April 23rd to 26th in Istanbul, IDMA will take place again. The biannual exhibition will once again be a great event for the milling sectors and also a great event for distributing the 23rd edition of the International Milling Directory for 2014-15. Free copies will be available at the Perendale Publishers stands.

At this event, important companies such as Alapala, Bühler, Imas – Milleral, Tapco, Famsun, 4B, Consergra, Frigortec, Gazel, Ugur Makina, Altinbilek, Genc Degirmen, Paglierani, Satake Europe, Selis, Silos Cordoba, Suncue, Symaga, Unormak, Yenar, Zheng Chang and many more. We hope to see you there.

Milleral – Your global solution key for milling technologies for 25 years

The International Milling Directory member, Milleral is an important partner with great exposure with the International Milling Directory and is an important manufacturer with a worldwide customer base. See their International Milling Directory entry online here:

Milleral is known in the industry for being a global solution partner in these products and services, amongst others:-

  • Turn-Key Projects for Wheat Flour, Semolina and Maize Mills
  • Grain Cleaning Machinery
  • Roller Mills and Quadro Plansifters
  • Semolina Purifiers
  • Bagging Scales & Extraction Scales
  • PLC / Automation Systems and Complete Electric Systems for Mills

Introducing: Elit

The International Milling Directory is pleased to welcome Elit as a new member. Elit started out as an enzyme, flour improver and technical bakery ingredients Istanbul, Turkey. They have amassed great resources, staff and knowledge and are currently also writing a specially-commissioned article for Grain & Feed Milling Technology magazine, to be published soon.

Today we are pleased to register Elit for the 2014-15 edition. Please see their membership page now online at:

Their corporate synopsis is also here:-

As being a new organization, Elit Gida that has been taking place in the sector since 2004, is the conclusion of knowledge, experience and activities accumulated by the 15 years experiences. It displays activity in this sector regarding the subjects, starting from wheat to the conversion of wheat to flour, and coming to our tables as being various bakery products, and making up the technique and technological deficiencies and problems during these progresses.

Solving of the problems regarding the wheat quality in the agricultural conditions of our country and providing of the flour standardization, are possible with a proper laboratory service and the developers, which were prepared according to the wheat variations. Our main working logic is to conflate the dynamics, which are necessary for proper production of the wheat in accordance with its purpose and to create synergy.

We have been providing consultancy services to wheat manufacturers in our country and abroad as well as presenting wheat developers and additives as product to flour plants.

For this purpose, in order to present the truest solutions to our customers in the shortest time, we will continue to be your reliable partner for solution of any kind of problems, regarding R&D Studies, presentation and selling with quality responsibility, within the borders those were generally accepted by the official authorities of the world and within the frame of the laws, with our personality opens to development and innovations and our expertise staff as well.

Their website homepage, is an interesting place and point of contact if you wish to find out more.

If you wish to register your company online with the International Milling Directory, then please go to our International Milling Directory website for registration. Please also remember to update your membership here too!



Introducing: UNIQAIR Technologies Ltd.

The International Milling Directory welcomes UNIQAIR Technologies Ltd as a new member.

Find their entry now online at

Flag of Vancouver, British Columbia. Modificat...
For the feed and pet food industry who need to reduce odor emissions, our product, the Plasma-Injector, is a unique cold plasma oxidizer that can not be contaminated by the process air.Unlike chemical scrubbers, biofilters or incinerators, our product eliminates odors without chemicals, water or waste and is carbon neutral.

Our company also provides services for:
– odour emission testing
– the plasma-reactor lifetime warrantee program
– consultancy & maintenance
Contact for world wide:

Register your company at today – from free – and join our 23rd year.


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O&J HØJTRYK A/S visit our headquarters in Cheltenham

(L-R): Roger Gilbert, Tuti Tan, Darren Parris and Leif Wolf

(L-R): Roger Gilbert, Tuti Tan, Darren Parris and Leif Wolf

International Milling Directory member O&J HØJTRYK A/S’ main contact paid a visit to the UK headquarters in Cheltenham today, Wednesday 5th Feburary. Battling through bad weather, unruly transportation and a disappointing meal at Brasserie Blanc in Cheltenham, Leif had a tiresome Tuesday travelling from Amsterdam to Cheltenham ready for today. However, company and familiarity of catching up over a shared passion of milling brightened up the experience.

Leif Wolf met with staff Roger Gilbert, Darren Parris, Tuti Tan and Tom Blacker to discuss our common values and to finalise the latest article which will be published in the January/February issue of Grain & Feed Milling Technology.

Both parties have met may times before at industry events and in many countries: Germany, Thailand and Turkey to name a few but hosting Leif in our main premises was a pleasure we could not refuse. We gained great mutual insights and learnt an impressive amount from Leif, and appreciate each other’s partnership in moving towards the future in feed production industries.

As all good things must come to an end, Darren voluntarily drove Leif back to the airport for him to resume business with his customers and wished him well until the next occasion. We may even drop into him at his office O&J HØJTRYK A/S in Denmark in the near future…

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