Ready ‘Steady’ go ..go…go for a ‘riveting’ level of production performance…. rarely found worldwide!

March 17th – Steady Industrial Fasteners Co Ltd are an expert, high technology, well-established, specialist producer of Blind Fasteners and other related products, such as Rivet Nuts, Rivets, Chinching Fasteners and Welding Studs and the business is today one of the leading blind fastener manufacturer & suppliers in Asia.

With more than 20 years of operational experience, the continuing growth of the Company today means that Steady, now a new IMD Online member  now produce a hugely impressive 1.5 billion ‘blind’ rivets, 120million chinching fasteners and more than 900 million other type  rivets every year – production figures that are rarely- if at all-  matched anywhere else!

The business manufactures over a thousand different types of blind rivet nuts in steel, aluminium and stainless steel, and its range of the stainless steel blind rivets also includes, the open and sealed type, multi-grip, mono-bolt and, also, other structural known rivets types…

…..for sure Steady, of course, know all there is to know about rivets…… whatever it is …. a visit to their web site here –  reveals just that …’s a couple of very modest pieces of ‘riveting’ information such as the difference between rivets and screws …and the solution to rivet cracking … on…..   

Rivets can be divided into standard parts and non-standard parts…… 

Standard parts are divided into: stainless steel rivets, copper rivets, iron rivets, aluminium rivets and so on.

Definition of rivet: A metal rod-shaped part with a cap on one end. After penetrating into the connected component, the outer end of the rod is punched, pressed out, and the component is pressed and fixed.

The difference between rivets and screws is:

The rivet is deformed by itself, and generally one end becomes larger, connecting two (or more than two) parts together. After riveting, if you want to split the part, you must break the rivet.

The screw is screwed into the body of the component to connect the component. Therefore, if you want to disassemble the component, you only need to unscrew the screw. The screw is not damaged and can be used repeatedly.

In general: the screws are easy to adjust and the rivets are not easy to adjust….l 

Rivet cracking solution – Semi-hollow or solid rivets crack when pressed

There are generally several questions:

Material problem –  special rivet wire should be selected.

Concentric problem-  at semi-hollow, semi-hollow un-concentric partial air will also crack

The head of the rivet is very uneven

The punch is not aligned with the centre of the rivet.