Sipotek leads the way World- wide in efficient visual inspection machines

Shenzhen Sipotek Technology Co Ltd is a professional manufacturer of numerous highly innovative and efficient visual inspection machines able to satisfy the needs of companies in many sectors of business World-wide.  

Sipotek is a trademark of Shenzhen Sipo Technology Co Ltd It owns many machine visual patents and copyrights. It is now a new IMD Online Member –

Key products are an automatic visual inspection machine and system, an industrial machine vision camera and, also, automated optical inspection and optical sorting and inspection machines. 

The Sipotek business, located in Shenzhen city in China, has a innovative – even ‘avant-garde’ – R & D department, with exceptional experience in artificial vision technologies. Check their guiding notes on the ‘ins and outs’ of buying an Automated Vision Inspection Machine for your factory or works here on the Sipotek online blog …

How to Help Your Factory Buy an Automated Vision Inspection Machine  With an increasing variety of inspection machines being made today, there is more choice then ever. For sure, the inspection industry is developing due to the improvement and development of industry in general. More and more Machine Vision engineers are today focusing on work in the inspection industry. More and more inspection equipment is coming onto the market. The challenge in the massive machinery market, is how to pick the right automated vision inspection machine for your production needs.

Inspection Speed – Nearly all manufacturers will have this concern. If a machine has a speed slower than a human inspection, the machine may well not be effective. Manufacturers will perhaps tend to hold the view that a human is still better than the machine. The inspection speed plays a very important part in the production process. One of the advantages of the inspection machine is to reduce labour output and also cut costs. Therefore, when picking a machine for inspection, it is important to provide samples for the machine vision system supplier to operate with, in order to be able to compare different aspects of performance before making a decision to buy or not.

Inspection Accuracy – The configuration of industrial cameras is essential for inspection accuracy, but this is not the only decisive area. The lighting illumination, affects the visual assessment performance of even an experienced Engineer – and this is a most important issue. If possible, the buyer needs to make a visit to the supplier’ company and make a full visual evaluation prior to the purchase decision.

After Sale Service – To us at Sipotek After Sales Service is not only the issue of how to use the machine most effectively, but, also, the ability to deal any hardware or software problems that may arise. Many suppliers can provide hardware support, but less suppliers can provide the same for software. This is because many suppliers purchase the software system from a third party. If the buyer does suffer a software problem, they may be unable to get the difficulty effectively dealt with in good time….

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