Keeping the ‘balls in the air’ for a ‘steel’ and ‘plastic’ world-wide trading bonanza!

The Shaoxing Shangyu Peijie Import Export Co Ltd, as it is today, certainly – and indeed literally-  has a lot of ‘balls in the air’ when it comes to business expansion, development and flourishing world wide manufacturing success.

two factories 

This thriving Chinese business is only one of three such companies in the world! It is a recent member of IMD online. It operates two busy factories, producing both plastic and stainless steel ‘ball’ products, and, as if all that were not enough, it also runs  a thriving, professional, foreign trading company, carrying out domestic and foreign trade activities, including joint ventures, co-operative production liaisons, re-export trade opportunities.. and more.

ball’ works 

The Shaoxing City Shangyu Aoke ball factory handles the highly expert, professional production of various kinds of quality intricately developed ‘ ball’ products made of plastic.

This business was first established in 1998. The highly successful ball works ‘a la stainless steel’, also run by the company, is derived from two previous locations, Shangyu Sanlian, set up in 2000, and Shangyu Keke, founded in 2004. The company’s steel ball products are now successfully and widely used in the likes of cosmetics packaging, in operating bearings, industrial equipment, rolling and medical equipment and other major fields.

sphere production 

The business as a whole has an impressive, fast growing, 20 years of history and a wealth of experienced accuracy in ‘sphere’ production, both in stainless steel and plastic. Both the current steel and plastic ‘ball’ works are led by a quality, scientifically-aware, management team, who have together led the development and expansion over the years, of an expert casting manufacturing process, delivering products of exceptional excellence and quality.  Here below the Company experts review in more detail the manufacturing process of the  highly successful polypropylene (PP) plastic ball products and also the moulds, which, of course are at the heart of the ball product manufacturing success story.

protection and safety 

The PP plastic material used for the Peijie ‘ball’ product is light weight, environmentally safe, and low priced. These plastic ‘balls’ can float and are widely used in food and pharmaceutical machinery, mainly for environmental protection and safety.

The plastic spheres also have a use in some water supply pipeline valves, and certain additional machinery.


The actual production of  the plastic PP balls initially requires, of course, the production of PP plastic ball moulds. The size of the PP plastic ball-mould depends on the  precise required specifications of the plastic PP ball, itself,  in terms of  its diameter size. This sizing is reached by taking account of the actual shrinkage of the plastic ball as will occur during the production process.

injection moulding 

Generally, the size of the ‘rough ball’  produced by injection moulding, is at least 0.20mm larger than the diameter of the finished plastic PP ball product. The processed PP plastic balls are carefully selected as to quality and accuracy. Any defective products suffering shrinkage or mottling are ‘found’ using air lines, and then discarded. 


After this, the many crafted ‘sphere’ products then go through to the next process – grinding. The machine used for grinding is a special plastic ball ‘mill’. A ‘rough mill’ is used first to grind the product and then a special plastic ball ‘refiner’ is used to grind the product still further. The sized precision of the plastic ball can be achieved to a tolerance of plus or minus 0.01mm. Then it’s on the polishing.. and once polished, the plastic ball ‘sphere’ becomes the highly efficient, correctly finished plastic PP ball product as specified and required.