Soaring exports and sales on the up and up – that’s the outlook for plastics and welding machinery firm Chaoneng Electrical!

Located in Zhuji City with good transport links, the Zhuji Ciwu Chaoneng Electrical Equipment Factory is surely on the up and up! It’s sales now top three million dollars annually and it exports an impressive 70% of its products worldwide to Europe,South East Asia, North America, South America, The Middle East, Africa…. and more.

Key products

The business’ key products are plastic pipe welding machines; a plastic pie cutter; pipeline testing pumps; PE butt fusion welding machines and varied hardware accessories. Chaoneng Electrical – a new IMD online member…quipment-factory/ – prides itself on its competitive pricing, varied, expert manufacturing and an attentive, pro-active, after-sales service. 

Blogged information on the business’ web site – highlights some informed expert views on their expert welding methods for plastic pipes ….

Plastic pip types increase

With the expansion of the application of plastic pipes, the types of plastic pipes have continued to increase. Now in addition to general PVC and polyethylene pipes, there are PVC core foamed pipes, PVC, PE double-wall corrugated pipes, aluminium-plastic composite pipes, PE pipe, plastic steel composite pipe, polyethylene silicon core pipe, etc etc…  Plastic pipe connection methods include: mechanical connection, hot-melt socket welding, hot-melt butt welding and spot welding. Among these, hot-melt butt welding and spot welding are the main connection methods for plastic pipes.

Hot melt welding

The hot melt welding machine uses the inner and outer surfaces of the heated object to heat the corresponding outer and inner surfaces of the welded plastic pipe and when it is being welded, so that it melts, quickly pull out the heated object, and then the pipe.

Quickly pierce the pipe, apply a certain amount of force, and thus achieve key welding after cooling. General hot melt acceptance welding is suitable for projects with a diameter of less than 125mm. The hot-melt butt welding involves the use of a hot-melt butt welder. First, heat the welding end face of two pipes (which must be cleaned or milled before welding) to a certain temperature, when it melts, then quickly attach it and apply a certain pressure until cool so that the two pipes are welded together.

Contact Heating and infrared radiation heating 

According to the contact method of the welding machine heating plate and the pipe being welded, it can be divided into two methods: contact heating and infrared radiation heating. When welding in accordance with the appropriate process, the tensile strength and pressure resistance of the Hankou area are appropriate or stronger than the pipe itself. Hot melt butt welding is suitable for welding of plastic pipes with a diameter greater than 90mm. It should be noted that during the welding process up to its cooling, it must withstand external impacts, and it is not possible to use any method for forced cooling.