Potential Government subsidy opportunity for thriving LED light leader Toppo?

There’s been potential good news in the more recent past for one of our recent IMD sign-ups today from China. Toppo Lighting Co Ltd is a specialist, fast developing manufacturer, producing and marketing LED Lighting world-wide.  

subsidies  The business’ extensive range of products includes all kinds of LED lights:- Smart Lights, Panel Lights, Batten Lights, Tube Lights, Tri-proof Lights, Linear Lights and more  renowned LED products.  The Toppo web site has been highlighting moves by the Chinese Government to offer extra subsidies of up to $285M for Display Technologies including Micro/Mini LED and OLED

technologies  The Guangzhou government published a notice pointing out that with the goal to upgrade the display technology of the province, the government will support companies investing in novel display technologies including OLED, AMOLED, Mini/Micro LED, QLED, printing display, laser display, 3D display, holographic display, e-paper flexible display, grapheme display and others. The government will provide a one-time subsidy to companies that begin trial production for related display technologies. These companies have to meet specific requirements of registered capital and equipment investment.

price competition According to the current regulation, a company can be awarded up to RMB 2 billion (US$285.64 million) with the investment in new display technologies. As the LCD display market becomes weak with severe price competition and low profit, the Chinese government now turns to new display technologies.

thriving  Toppo Lighting is committed to developing and growing its team to make the best LED lighting for use in modern life today. The highly experienced Toppo business now operates a thriving growing works backed by an impressive safety testing  engineering laboratory, covering key tests such  as Photometric; EMI; EMF; Surge; ESD; IES and numerous other required important testing development processes.