A Company Profile Page with IMD?

Company Profile pages are fast becoming one of the most popular and successful methods in enhancing your exposure with IMD. Most of you will by now be aware of what they are and how they are of benefit to you. But for those that aren’t already in the loop let me outline what they are all about…

Placed within the Equipment Guides section, Company Profile pages are a blank canvass that extends across a double page spread. What you place on this canvas? Well that is entirely up to you. As you will see in the slideshow below we already have a wide and varying range of styles and methodologies in how our customers use this space.

For the most part those who have participated in the past have submitted 300 word articles about their companies and accompanied them with logos and miscellaneous pictures related to their organisations. Others have used the space to focus on a specific product and again with the help of some good photography or artwork they have proven to be more than just  an advert.

Let’s not forget how IMD marketing benefits all work together in a continuous distribution flow exposing and promoting you further and wider than first impression might perceive, your company profile page won’t just be seen by our 8,072  current print subscribers. It will reach the 41,000 (approx.) online readers visiting hosting websites such as Slideshare and Issuu where the IMD is also available and even further still every new company profile page that we create is posted right here on millinginternational. And then there is of course the circa 300,000+ visitors expected on our www.internationalmilling.com expected throughout the year where you profile will be displayed.

When you choose to participate in a Company Profile page you will be in direct contact with our design team who will take on board any feedback you have throughout the design process, giving you the required amount of control in creating the page to your exact design and style specifications.

Interested? Take a look through the slideshow for inspiration on how you could stand out heads above your competitors, then get in touch with me to begin creating your masterpiece.

A Company Profile page in IMD is so much more than an advert.


Alex Rogers

IMD Coordinator


Email sent to all IMD companies.

Hello All,

I have taken this opportunity to contact each and everyone personally to remind you, if not inform you, of the benefits of submitting an equipment guide into IMD 2012/13.

The ‘Equipment Guides’ section offers you a platform on which to promote your most valuable products. It is a fantastic tool for guaranteeing an entire page devoted to your company in IMD and enhancing your exposure far beyond your competitors. Don’t forget that IMD has an already impressive circulation, which will be increased this year to meet a growing demand. This means that your completed equipment guide would reach circa 8000 readers in print and be viewed by 290,000 (approx.) readers online from all across the globe.

The beauty of these guides is that for you they are available completely FREE-OF-CHARGE, so it would be a shame to miss out! However there are ways in which you can add value to your guides that are available for a small fee. For £150 you can add product photos and a logo to your guide, which will not only stand out amongst the other guides, but will also give customers a clear indication of your product features. Take a look at the examples of last year’s guides below.

Submitting a guide is easy, all you need to do is;

– email me asking specifying which template (s) you require
– fill your product details into the appropriate templates
– save it as your company name
– send it back to me
– attach good sized jpeg’s of product pictures and company logo (£150)

Our design team will do the rest!

The categories in this year’s guide are: Cleaning, Colour Sorting, Coolers & Driers, Drop Forged Chain & Components, Dust Filtration, Elevator Buckets, Extruders & Expanders, Hammermills, Mixers & Grinders, Packaging, Pellet Press, Rollermills, Sieving & Sifting, Storage and Weighing & Scales.

If you have any queries or require assistance in completing your guides please feel free to contact me. But act now to avoid deadline disappointment!

Alex Rogers
International Milling Directory[slideshow]

IMD Update: June 15, 2012.

Hello and welcome back everybody that attended Cereals 2012 in Lincolnshire, UK. It truly was a spectacular showcase with some 400 market leaders all packed into one place, many of whom I am pleased to see are listed with IMD. I know that our representatives who attended had a great time meeting all of you and hopefully those who weren’t registered when we met them will be filling in their forms now!

The IMD office has been a little quiet this week with many of us visiting Cereals 2012, but by no means did that prevent us from continuing the important work that has been going on behind the scenes. I have again managed get in touch with most of you in between other jobs just to catch up and make sure that you are getting the most out of your IMD listings.

If you wish to enhance your listing and we haven’t already made contact please feel free to get in touch simply by clicking my name at the bottom of this post. We at IMD are confident in our abilities to tailor each marketing to tool to your specific needs and cost requirements and I am always happy to hear new ideas!

Having said that, once again your response has been fantastic and I have enjoyed speaking to so many of you this week and finding the best ways to enhance your profile with IMD. With that in mind I would like to remind those of you that already have or who would like to participate in our equipment guides section please treat it as a matter of urgency and contact me as time is running out and it would be a shame for you to miss the opportunity.

Remember, the equipment guide is a great opportunity for you to advertise some of your products and guarantee an entire page in the directory devoted to your company. If any manufacturers would like to learn more about equipment guides please do not hesitate to email me, I have attached some samples below to give you a taster of what you could, but shouldn’t be missing out on!

Lastly I would like to inform you that I have managed to extend the deadline one last time for you to check your details, add to your listings and send in your equipment guides. The final deadline for the printed International Milling Directory 2012/13 is June 22, 2012.

I wish you all a very pleasant weekend!

Alex Rogers

IMD Coordinator

Deadline Extension

Good news! I am pleased to announce that thanks to a new influx of participating companies for 2012/13 the print deadline for IMD submissions has been extended until June 15, 2012.

This comes as a great testament to our vision in making our 21st edition our best ever and for this I wish to thank all of our listed companies and our readers for your continued support. In light of this there is still plenty of time for companies to check that your details are correct and that you are happy with the marketing options that you have chosen to utilize.

I am also pleased to announce that two extra categories have been added to our equipment guide. If you are a manufacturer of Drop Forge Chain & Components or of Dust Filtration Systems you will benefit from featuring your products in our guide.  Simply contact me for a form and I will be happy to help.

For all of our UK followers I would like to wish you all a happy jubilee weekend!

Alex Rogers

IMD Coordinator


Would you like a Company Profile Feature in IMD?

Those of you familiar with the IMD may be aware of the double page features that we are able to provide as part of the directory. Placed the the Equipment Guide, a company profile page is a fantastic opportunity to enhance your exposure within the IMD.

What does it include? To put it simply, anything you want and it’s easy. All we need is an article about you or your products, some good sized jpeg pictures and a company logo, then our design team will do the rest. Once the design is completed you will receive a copy for approval before publishing.

One of the benefits of having a company profile page is that it guarantees you at least two pages in the directory all to yourself, branded with your logo and your company style. Once approved it will also appear on your online listing and can be distributed across our web platforms where it will stay for at least five years.

Anytime a new company profile page is completed it will feature as a blog item right here! If anybody is interested in participating please feel free to contact me and we can discuss your ideas. There is also lots of information on company profiles in the IMD mediafile which is available at www.internationalmilling.com.

Want to see some examples of last years…



Alex Rogers

IMD Coordinator



IMD Deadline Approaching…


It’s the busiest time of year to be part of IMD as the deadline approaches. So far some 1200 of you have already updated which guarantees your place in the printed edition and for those that haven’t it is as simple as a few clicks on your mouse. To confirm your details online visit www.internationalmilling.com and log into your account or you can register if you are new.

The vital next step for everybody is making sure that you are getting the most out of your listing with IMD. Don’t forget that there are many useful guides and product lists featured that all offer excellent opportunities in increasing your exposure. Something as simple as adding your logo to a listing at little cost will stand out on a page, remember this is also distributed across six different web platforms and our smartphone app, PLAPP.

If you are a manufacturer of milling equipment you will benefit from featuring in one of IMD’s Equipment Guides, they’re smart, they’re practical and they’re free! All you need to do is email me requesting a guide form and send it back filled with your product information. You can can have as many guides as you want and even strengthen your pages with the use of product pictures.

This years featured categories are; Cleaning, Colour Sorting, Coolers & Driers, Elevator Buckets, Extruders/Expanders, Hammermills, Mixers & Grinders, Pellet Press, Sieving & Sifting, Storage, Weighing & Scales.

Do you manufacture a product not in that list? Let me know and we’ll include you.

Here are some samples from last years directory…


Alex Rogers – IMD Coordinator