Tex Biosciences goes on developing into still more varied trading and manufacturing fields….

The exciting developing Tex Biosciences – another new IMD online member and a family owned organisation founded a while back by Mr. R.P. Krishnamachari,  – is now engaged in numerous planned company development exercises and is actively seeking new venture opportunities. 


The company began its operations a while ago in just the Leather and Textile markets, but has very recently, impressively grown the business to great effect, extending its activities in Textiles and Leather and also, most significantly diversifying into Animal Feed, Pulp & Paper, Detergents and Waste Water Treatment.

water for re-use

It was in 2018, that Tex Biosciences further entered into  Waste Water Treatment  operations indigenously developing Biotech products that biologically treats both Industrial and Domestic Waste Water making the water fit for re-use. The Tex Biosciences Waste Water Treatment Business has grown rapidly with an ever-increasing list of satisfied and repeat customers.

speciality chemicals 

A year later in 2019,  Tex Biosciences then acquired Rajam Chemicals, which was a Proprietary concern manufacturing and marketing Speciality chemicals and Auxiliaries.

This further valuable acquisition has allowed Tex Biosciences to further enhance its comprehensive range of products to both the Leather and Textile Industry. It has also resulted in the company accessing vital land resource of some 7 acres for future business expansion.

contract manufacturing 

Another highly effective aspect of the business is its Contract Manufacturing activities for many European and North American clients.

The business uses either the Clients’ Patented Strain/Technology or uses Tex Biosciences’ proprietary strains and manufactures to the specifications required by the customer. 

client trust 

The Company has established valued knowledge and experience in Intellectual Property Protection issues. It’s highly organised business expansion activities has earned key trust from its clients in all sectors,  which is in turn encouraging the business to further progress growth into new ventures and technologies in varied manufacturing and commercialisation environments.