Suxun elevators are right ‘at home’ in homes …and in many other different building environments too!

The Suxun Elevator Company is a world-class elevator production business, focusing on environmentally friendly, product design concepts. It is a highly successful,  high-tech enterprise engaged in the design, manufacture, sale, installation and maintenance of numerous elevator and escalator products

This business is dedicated to achieving excellence in  both service and concise management methods, which, in turn, aid development of the Suxun expertise and the accompanying, innovative production of its quality elevators and influential control systems..

The company has obtained a national double A-class certification for  manufacturing, installation, renovation and maintenance of all types and styles of elevators. It has invested extensively in its fully-equipped, impressive production HQ, which has an annual production capacity output of 10,000 units.

Suxun, – our latest IMD Online member from China – has a varied current product range, which includes numerous passenger elevators and also various special use elevators and moving ‘walkways’. Below, Suxun highlight on their blog certain key issues of choice and performance of various  key elevator types…..those that are used in homes!

Home Elevators 

If a customer needs to select a home elevator, there needs ideally to be a clear and simple understanding of the type and use of the elevator, its limitations and indeed its operating abilities. In general, of course, the home elevator is mostly installed in private residential properties as it needs to be the kind of elevator that can simply be used by anybody…..

The speed of a home elevator should generally not exceed 0.4m/s, and it’s speed without the ‘car’ door should not exceed 0.3m/s.  The stroke of the car should not exceed 12m, and the rated load should not exceed 400KG. Generally, household elevators are basically three types – traction elevators, screw elevators, and hydraulic elevators.

Hydraulic elevators…… These are a relatively common type of household elevator. These are widely used in both North America and Europe. However, the hydraulic elevator, can have certain shortcomings such as oil, leakage, environmental pollution, and excessive operating noise. These shortcomings are generally not acceptable in today’s modern building environments and thus the hydraulic machine is not in very extensive demand these days and sales of the product are generally falling.

Traction elevators ….These elevators have the advantage of being space saving. They are also environmentally friendly in terms of their usage. The traction elevators do sell well right now and they will probably continue to do so in the future. Demand for such elevators in the immediate timeline seems relatively certain.  

Screw elevators ….Key to the operating structure of this type of this lift is the ‘nut screw’ which drives it.  It has the advantage of overall structural safety and fastening. No ‘bottom’ pit is needed and there is a self-contained shaft. For sure, these lifts generally offer good space inside. It is also a common elevator choice where there is a range of widely different and quite particular building environments.