Spraying around its ‘high pressure’ business success – that’s Hangyu Plastics Biz – ‘Olinda’

Taizhou City Hangyu Plastic Co Ltd – otherwise known as Olinda – is located in the Binhai Industrial Zone, Taizhou, in Zhejiang Province, China and today now extensively exports its products to more than 40 countries across the world, with more than 900 containers of products being shipped overseas each year!

 It is now a new IMD online member – see here:- The business’ works factory now covers an area of some 50,000 square metres, and the company has an employee rota of more than two hundred. The name Olinda has now become registered as a brand. 

The Company mainly specialises in manufacturing two key series of products – a varied collection of sprayers for use in agriculture and for garden usage and an expertly developed range of high pressure washers, including electric and gasoline types.

Below, as highlighted on its web site – the Olinda experts feature the principles of the electric sprayer, one of their top selling products….

The principles of the electric sprayer: The principle is that in the same fluid, the flow velocity is large and the pressure is small; the flow velocity is small and the pressure is strong. The fluid will automatically flow from high pressure to low pressure. When passing through the trident, the water flowing at low speed flows to the air flowing at high speed. The water was turned into small droplets by high-speed air – (Imagine that the water flowing out of the faucet was initially slow and was a column of water – but then it gradually becomes a drop after a speed increase). These small drops of water are then sprayed out creating a definite water ‘mist’.

The principle of high-speed water flow breaking into obstacles after encountering obstacles: The principle is to press water into a thin tube to cause high-speed water flow, and the high-speed water flow breaks into small droplets after hitting obstacles. It looks like the faucet is opened and then  blocked with fingers. Household sprayers often use this structure, and the cost is low.

The principle of centrifugal force throwing liquid out: It is a high-speed rotating atomising disc that uses centrifugal force to throw out liquid and ‘shred it’ into small droplets, similar to the situation when an umbrella rotates.

The principle of ultrasonic atomisation: Vibration can cause “waves” on the water surface. The frequency of ultrasonic vibration is very high, so its “waves” have a very small wavelength, so the waves’ water droplets are also very small, and these small water droplets create a water mist.