Specialist, non-ferrous metal product manufacturing business, Baoji Hanz review the key strategic product of tungsten…..

March 4th – Latest IMD online member, Baoji Hanz Material Technology Co Ltd, located in Baoji city of Shaanxi Province in China, is a producer of cost-effective, non-ferrous metal products such as sheets, plates, cubes, pipes, bars and wire, which are used in various fields and industries including geology, petroleum, chemical, medical and also military. The high-range metals used in the Company’s specialist expertly-developed products are in the main titanium tungsten and molybdenum….here Baoji company’s research experts ‘blog’ their review of key aspects of Tungsten products usage  …..

Tungsten products mainly include tungsten concentrate raw materials and ammonium paratungstate, tungsten oxide, tungsten powder, hard alloy, tungsten bar, tungsten wire and tungsten, iron and so on, widely used in automobiles, machinery, mining, petroleum, building materials, electronics, military and other fields. The analysis of tungsten industry indicates that tungsten has been listed as an important strategic metal in the world because of its irreplaceable role in many fields. 

demand grows 

From the domestic market, tungsten raw material market supply tends to be stable, demand continues to grow, the trend of tight supply has not changed.

With the establishment of the ecological protection red line, the strengthening of the exploitation and management of Tungsten Mines, the implementation of the policies on the prevention and control of pollution from tungsten smelting, the environmental protection tax and the resource tax law, etc…


Due to the rigid increase of tungsten mining cost, the decrease of tungsten ore grade, the expansion of tungsten mining capacity and the control of mining rights, the resource and environment constraints are becoming stronger and stronger. At present, China’s tungsten industry is in a critical period of high-quality development, the industry’s economic situation needs to be further consolidated.            

legal system 

First, may be to speed up legislation on mineral reserves and improve the legal system for strategic reserves of mineral resources; Second, best to perhaps strengthen organisational management and establish an operational mechanism for mineral reserves; and third, continue to strengthen the control and management of the total amount of mining, to create favourable conditions for the reserve of tungsten resources, and to give full playtime the role of trade associations in the implementation of the reserve of tungsten resources.