Russia registers Addcon’s products



International Milling Directory‘s member, Addcon, have just released New products are available now in Russia following the news that KOFA GRAIN pH5, Addcon´s feed and grain preservative as well as KOFASIL liquid, Addcon´s no 1 silage additive have been registered successfully in Russia lately. The products will be available in Russia for the coming grass silage season and grain harvesting season respectively to be used and tested by the industry.

Kurt Wegleitner from Addcon said,

“Rising feed costs have had a severe impact on animal production in Russia as anywhere else. It is a key requirement to keep losses low and to preserve the quality of the raw material. Both KOFA GRAIN and KOFASIL will help to those minimize losses AND it will preserve the quality of the raw material thus we can ensure healthy and safe feed ingredients. As we are committed to the markets in Eastern Europe, Addcon will appoint more business partners in the region. In addition, a new technical application manager will start soon with Addcon to support both our distributors and customers in the region”

The International Milling Directory wishes Addcon good success in the Russian market.

Addcon have been a member of the International Milling Directory for many years.

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[Source: Engormix].