Royal British Legion needs our support


The Royal British Legion today launches its Poppy Appeal for 2018. It is vital that we support this incredibly important fundraising drive and remember those who sacrificed so much for us.

In this, the centennial of the end of World War 1 it is perhaps even more important for us to wear a poppy with pride and remember those who gave so much for the freedom we enjoy today.

The Mills Archive tells us a bit more about the role of flour millers during the war:

During the First World War the production and distribution of flour came under government control, a situation that lasted until 1921.

With de-control came a period of competition and reorganisation.  Some companies had lost trade during the war and were now seeking to regain it, but others gained new customers during the war and increased their production as a result.

Over-production and imports of foreign flour added to the mix.

Two of the main players continued to be Spillers and Ranks.  By 1924 Ranks had the controlling interest in at least eight other sizeable companies, in addition to its own mills, while Spillers controlled seven, manufacturing not only bread flour but also a range of other cereal products including dog biscuits.

In 1929 the Miller’s Mutual Association was formed through which flour output quotas were fixed and funds raised to buy out and close redundant mills.  This resulted in the larger milling companies acquiring smaller milling concerns and taking over their quotas.  By the end of 1933 Ranks controlled some 15 to 20 companies including the Associated London Flour Millers (ALFM), which had seven London mill members.

Things have changed significantly since then – and some times not for the better. The Daily Mail is reporting an old story abut gingerbreadmen being renamed gingerbread person.

So as we enter this year’s Poppy Appeal lets remember the sacrifices those before us made and forget the PC brigade who want us to change the name of childhood favourites..