‘Red Letter Event’ go ahead for Animal Health and Nutrition industry ….

February 10, 2020: The end of May 2022 will be very much a ‘Red Letter’ day to diary for key ‘players’ in the Animal Health and Nutrition industry as well as marking a further exciting step for the future in the new developing liaison for the Victam Corporation and VIV worldwide.

Last year, as those in the industry are aware, the partnership in Asia between VICTAM and Animal Health and Nutrition Asia for the 2020 exhibition in Bangkok, Thailand was announced. Now comes news that the two exhibition ‘brands’ will further continue their partnership by together organising VICTAM International and VIV Europe at the Jaarbeurs exhibition grounds in Utrecht in 2022 from May 31st – June 2nd.   

stand sales 

Both Victam  and VIV are both very much looking forward to welcoming world wide businesses from the Animal Feed and Health Industries to what is for both businesses very much a ‘landmark event’. Stand sales for this 2022 Event in Utrecht will commence from Autumn this year.

Cologne ‘move’
Says Mr. Sebas van den Ende, General Manager of the Victam Corporation. “This means that the VICTAM International exhibition will move back from Cologne, Germany to its home country, the Netherlands, and where it all started in 1965, the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. The set-up of this exhibition is different from the set-up in Asia as VIV Europe and VICTAM International will be co-located, but with each exhibition in their own halls. We are enthusiastic about the synergy and good co-operation that VICTAM and VIV have established. This partnership continues with a different program in Europe, which will bring to the animal husbandry industry in 2022, an even wider and richer platform . 

important achievement 

Says  Mr. Heiko M. Stutzinger, Director of VIV worldwide, and Managing Director of VNU Asia Pacific. “We look at the co-location of VIV Europe and VICTAM International as an important achievement after nearly four decades of independent growth and development of the respective Events in Europe and in the World.  Today the strong network of VICTAM in feed technology and animal feed processing, together with the Feed to Food concept that VIV Europe is famous for, are ready to deliver a very complete and professional platform to exhibitors and visitors.” concludes Mr. Stutzinger.

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