Product ‘knowhow’ and satisfied customers send ‘Double Crane’ onwards to ever-increasing success

Ambitious, highly successful and energetically investing machinery manufacturer, Shandong Double Crane Machinery, continues to go from strength to strength. They are for sure, a very welcome, very impressive new member of IMD online.


As we report on our web site, over recent years, the company has continued to invest extensively. It has  updated impressive, extensive manufacturing technologies and facilities and invested up to 60 million RMB to build a 19,200 square metre, state of the art manufacturing base, and a further 10 million RMB in technological innovation and automatic and integrative technology development. Via such investments, their new generation of products has emerged to provide today exceptional best solutions for feed and biomass equipment to all user-customers.

key research

Located in Shandong in the  Leiling High Technology Industrial Park, China, it is surely fair to say that the Double Crane business is the professional pellet machine manufacturer to be aware of, dedicated as they are to supplying feed pellet and biomass pellet production solutions to worldwide customers. The business has designed and produced manufacturing feed pellet and biomass pellet machines since its foundation in 2005 and over the years it has also actively co-operated with China’s renowned universities – Shandong, Jinan and Shandong Agricultural University – in key research in feed production biomass pellet production line systems and processing requirements.


Double Crane now has more than 30 patents and successfully developed eight series and 60 different types and styles of machinery products. Shandong Double Crane Machinery Manufacture has become the leading professional pellet mill manufacturer in China. All the company’s key main products hold influential ISO9001, ISO4001, CE, SGS certifications, and are now sold extensively in many countries and Regions world wide.  Below IMD online pinpoints important guiding information on a key product of this thriving, world-wide trading business but, first, an illustrative customer ‘storyline’ of the Double Crane business in action…….. …

From Mozambique to Double Crane …. Tom came …

This is a ‘story’ case study of Double Crane in action ‘in the field’ so to speak! It all started when Double Crane got message from Tom, a Mozambique client. He was interested in this Double Crane serviced pellet feed making line for chicken feed….and he wanted to visit Double Crane …and see what could be he did …..

The Double Crane team picked him up on landing and drove him down the odd Expressway or two  to Double Crane HQ for him to see the machines he had his eye on being assembled and processed. This demonstrated to him how the HKJ-250 feed pellet installation equipment line could work for him Tom was very satisfied with all aspects of the feed mill machinery, but was working to a budget. No problem, Double Crane offered him an ideal low investment pellet production ‘line’ which included a vertical feed crusher and mixer, pellet machine, vibration sifter and other accessories.


This HKJ250 animal feed pellet line is a complete set of machines that are specifically used to make feed pellets. The capacity can range from 1t per hour to 2t per hour. This HKJ250 feed pellet line is generally including the following process: raw materials crushing process and mixing process, pellet making process, pellet cooling process, (pellet crumbling process), sifting process .

whole set 

Each process includes different kinds of machines. All these machines form a whole set, which guarantees the automatic production of feed pellets in large quantity and high quality. Job done – Double Crane collect yet another very satisfied customer – satisfied with product, performance… and price ….in essence the story of Double Crane’s success!  

Product case study -The Water Drop Feed Hammer Mill 

The superbly developed Water Drop Feed Hammer Mill is a patented product developed through 10 years research and development, combined with advanced technology, which consists of feed inlet , hammers, screen, rod and rotor. The rotor spins at a high speed while material is sent into a feed hopper. 

The unique design of working chamber can destroy material circulation effectively, which can realise secondary crushing and improve crushing efficiency. Hammers swing on the central rotor freely. The material is ground and falling through the mesh and the discharging port. It is widely used with great efficiency and success handling foodstuff, chemicals, fibre and other granular materials.


The ‘Double Crane’Feed hammer Mill is the key machine in the feed pellet production line these days. Its mesh is made of stainless steel or alloy steel – it’s a choice. The machine has many characteristics for sure – reasonable structure, compact layout, reliable performance and easy maintenance.. and also… low cost…a win win ..winner…. that’s the Water Drop Feed Hammer Mill from Double Crane!