Press Release: Romer Labs Launches New Website

Romer Labs, a leading global food-safety diagnostic company, has unveiled its new website, available at

Continually striving to expand the company’s global brand, we have been working passionately on a new website design over the last few months to give visitors a user-friendly experience. The new online platform offers great insights into the world of food safety diagnostics, covering topics such as mycotoxin analysis, food allergen & gluten testing.
Visiting our new website, you will be delighted with the cleaner look and it will provide you with more improved ways to discover our products and services.

The new website also includes a “Knowledge-Center,” where you will find extensive background information on a wide array of contaminants and toxins, including mycotoxins, food allergens, veterinary drug residues and melamine.

Our new integrated dynamic online product-catalog gives you an excellent overview on our products and services. If you register, you will be able to see a lot of new features, including newly launched product videos.

Romer Labs’ 30 years of expertise in food safety diagnostics comes handsomely packaged in a great and easy-to-use online platform with this new website!