Personalised service, turnkey manufacturing projects and superb technology – Henan Sunwit goes on aiding Aquaculture across the World…

March 23rd – Henan Sunwit Industry in China is a professional fish feed machine manufacturer of more than 15 years experience. The business is a long-standing specialist in the manufacture and export of high quality fish feed machines. 

The Company also deliver precisely tailored turnkey projects for fish feed production plants and can also provide special machine products. Henan Sunwit – now a new IMD Online member – for many years researched and developed various extrusion techniques all derived from its machinery products and this has in turn resulted in  the company’s systems also being more widely used across industries other than aquaculture.

The Henam Sunwit Fish Feed Machine is very much a one-stop pelleting solutions provider. The Company can use its years of experience on a wide selection of products to ensure its clients always make the most suitable equipment choices. All machines are made from precision casting technology and are produced with strict quality control to ensure a long-service life.

The business successfully exports its highly reputable machines to many countries across the World including Ghana, The Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka…. and Nigeria. Below the Henan Sunwit experts blog on their web site –  how the Company is aiding Nigeria, where fish farming is a very promising market….

It may be no secret that many Nigerians in the country live on the edge of poverty. They can’t afford the meat they eat every day. That’s why fish is the perfect substitute for meat in a difficult Nigerian economy.

Given the demand for fish farmingthis business is very promising. It can provide people with the daily nutrition they need. It’s not as expensive as meat, so developing fish farming in Nigeria is a good thing. People who do this kind of business can make a lot of money, so if you want to benefit from it, you can also enter the market.

It doesn’t cost much to do this kind of business. We can discuss in detail the business plan for the program and the equipment that must be purchased before the program can start its business. But, in a nutshell, we just want to mention that the price of fish for the farm is affordable. Also, when it comes to talking about risks, there’s always a chance of catching the flu or virus on the farm. But for those who own fish farms, the risk is much lower because fewer diseases affect fish than poultry.

One fact we need to know is that feed is the main operating cost of most fish farms – it accounts for 50-70% of the variable cost depending on the intensity of farming. For almost all large or medium-sized fish farms, it is more cost-effective to produce fish feed pellets alone than to buy them from the market.

The Commercial fish feed extrusion process refers to a mixture of raw materials – for cooking feed at high temperature, high humidity and high pressure through a fish feed extruder in a short period of time, wherein the high temperature is the direct result of friction (dry extrusion) or pretreatment and steam injection. (wet extrusion). 

As a technical treatment, extrusion can process a variety of fish feed raw materials such as soybeans, corn, rice, peas and high water content. According to the moisture content in the raw material treatment, the fish feed extrusion process can be divided into two kinds: dry type extrusion and wet type extrusion.

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