Perendale’s Birthday Slice

Darren Parris (seated centre) is flanked from left by Iain Gaynor, Alice Neal, Alex Rogers, James Taylor, Lee Bastin, Sophia Pangd and Roger Gilbert. Tuti Tan is taking the photo)

Production halted at Perendale today as Darren Parris, celebrated his birthday by enjoying a slice of cake in the boardroom with his colleagues from the Grain and Feed Milling Technology magazine, International Aquafeed magazine and the International Milling Directory.

Darren is our International Sales and Marketing Manager whom most of you will have spoken to at some point, but he didn’t have time to stick around today as he has made his own special birthday plans, he said, “To celebrate my birthday, I’ll be going to the games myself this weekend!”

He continued, “We’re enjoying following the performances of our customers sports men and women at the Olympics. It’s amazing how many are watching what is occurring in London and have indicated to us how fabulous these games are.”

Everybody at Perendale Publishers Limited wishes Darren a pleasant birthday and a wonderful weekend in London.