‘Packaging’ it’s business for success, backed by a pledge to help achieve a better future….

March 10th – Shenzhen Xinhong Packaging Material Co. Ltd (XH PACK) is one of the leading packaging manufacturer and suppliers in Southern China achieved by creating value for its customers through its energetic innovation, customised on demand product development and responsive communication, backed by every  required service support.

The business specialises in design and manufacture of a wide range of eco-friendly, unit-load system packaging materials. These including the likes of plywood and hard wood pallets, module crates, slip sheets, cartons and cardboard boxes, hi-performance desiccant packaging, dunnage airbags….. and more. 

The Company has now come established its lead production base at Dongguan City and, also, operates production branches in Chongqing and Suzhou. Today, XH PACK has an approximate 40,000 sq. metres of manufacturing capacity and the business is backed by a pro-active, attentive customer service support team

As well as its highly successful manufacturing operations, the business also engage in packaging design and  key outsourcing of required services including storage and delivery management. A new recent member of IMD online the XH business interestingly highlight on their web site their approach to their philosophy of key trading issues vital to the company’s ongoing success

People is the most valuable asset. Teamwork is all about XH supporting exceptional quality which will  speak for itself through  all its products and services. Innovation is the centre of growth for the business  Word of mouth is the business’ best marketing tool and finally Attitude determines the future for XH PACK

In a pledge for that future… XH PACK has committed to help achieve a better tomorrow for the next generation  maximising its investment in the Environment all around as it goes on serving its business.

As it thrives today do right for tomorrow is  its aim …Find the best possible source of material to ensure eco-friendliness. Use farmed trees and recyclable materials possible. Never harvest more than we plant;  Optimise the use of natural resource throughout innovation and creativity.

Therefore, in XH PACK there is every consideration for the best welfare for everyone, in order to build a high-spirited team, to cultivate positive attitude, to impose universal good values, ensure quality without compromise …and in doing aim to give its customers exceptional service.