Optimising processes with the Bühler MYTA PSM

Bühler’s new MYTA PSM (particle size measurement) is a brilliant, innovative new solution for monitoring particle size and distribution in flour and semolina. The MYTA PSM can be installed in a fixed plant and is also available in a portable version.

Particle size distribution is one of the most important parameters for millersin optimising their grinding processes and in ensuring constant quality for their end products. For customers, the defined distribution of particle size is decisive for the success of a reproducible processing of flour or semolina.

The particle size distribution of the flour and semolina has a significant influence on thewater absorption capacity and the rheological behavior of the dough in the subsequentprocessing steps. Bühler’s MYTA PSM provides an alternative to the classic laboratory sifter. It can be used for particle size measurement in the 10 – 5000 μm range, either online for continuous monitoring, oras a portable unit for a wide variety of measuring positions. The resultis reproducible end products with a constant particle distribution.

Mobile MYTA unit


For online particle size measurement, a representative amount of product is taken using the integrated sampler and fed to the sensor back-to-back.The continuously calculated measurement results are shown and archived as a trend graph andas a numerical particle size distribution. The measurementsystem is installed in the gravity spouting. Manual sampling is unnecessary which makesthe measuring results representative, constant and also unrelated to the person doing the measuring.

The advantage of the mobile MYTA PSM is its portability and easy operation. The system can be freely moved to different measuring points in the plant. An external power connection, as well as an air connection, is sufficient. Operator error is almost impossible. The control unit is an integral component of the system and delivers the granulation distribution within just a few minutes. The software allows an offset to be entered which can be used for a direct comparison to an individual sieve stack in the laboratory sifter.

The PSM system MYTA can be used in a variety of grain mills with different applications, such as online flour monitoring, for continuous quality assurance after grinding, monitoring of durum semolina, wherein if a deviation from the set point occurs, an alarm sounds. Online monitoring of grist is also available, where automatic settings can be assigned.

The PSM (Particle Size Measurement) MYTA helps stabilise the entire grinding process. Problems in the ongoing process can be quickly detected. While the online version also allows automatic correction at a defined measuring point  in the ongoing process, the mobile version is suitable as an alternative to the classic lab sifter for different measuring positions. Any deviations from the set point can be responded to immediately. The specification for the particle size is ensured. Thanks to the traceability, transparency is guaranteed. Last but not least, the sensor also optimises the efficiency of a plant: faulty batches are avoided and the yield in relation to the correct particle size distribution is optimised.