On my way to a prestigious meeting of the LSEMS


Tomorrow I will board a National Express cash and wend my way down to London for the annual general meeting of the London and South East Milling Society. I’m not sure what to expect but I do know this society is one of the most respected industry groups in milling. It has been going since 1947 and has remained a constant in a challenging and changing industry.

The variety and quality of the work of LSEMS means it attracts people from all sections of the milling world in a convivial and hopefully not too technical manner. In time I am sure I will pick up on the technical side of milling but for tomorrow I just hope to meet some of the people behind Britain’s biggest and best flour mills. It will give me a chance to grill them about what challenges are facing the flour milling industry as we near 2019. As well as challenges I am hoping to hear about any innovations which may be coming up and generally to just make some contacts.

I will let you know how I got on in future blogs.