Omas Industries to build milling facility in Central Europe with different technology

November 19th, 2020 – Omas Industries’ newly commissioned factory will be a food complex built in Romania’s Neamt region and will be operational in 2021.

The large 150 t / 24h milling facility will allow the milling flow chart to be changed according to the grain quality, which will allow the automatic production of different types of end products. All this thanks to flexible mill, direct drive (DD) and Omas drive system (ODS) technologies.

Omas Industries has managed to develop a special facility with distinctive elements that allow it to expand its finished product range with ease of management and cost reduction.

The new facility will be able to grind grains of different sizes and characteristics and produce three types of flour.

Thanks to its DD and ODS systems, Omas Industries can change the basic grinding parameters in roller mills during the grinding process. It can change not only the distance between rolls, but also other parameters such as working position and cutting speed. These are important factors in terms of changing raw material quality and meeting the changing needs of consumers.

Omas Commercial Director Pietro Barbalarga said: “We are proud of this technology and we are delighted to present this new technology to our customer.”.