“Netting” fast growing success in plant and crop protection – that’s Naite Plastics of China!

March 20th – Shaoxing Naite Plastics Co Ltd – a new IMD Online member was established in 1993, and is now the biggest plastic net manufacturer in China.

Naite specialises in the production of a most extensive range of varied-use plastic netting, which is now widely marketed – both in China and Internationally – to numerous different types and size of business including those in Agriculture and Aquaculture

The company’s product ranges includes –  Safety fences and Filtration netting; Anti-bird control nets: Plant support netting; Gutter mesh; Deer Fencing; Insect Screens and, also more general items such as Multipurpose and BOP netting.

The business’ latest product range includes sturdy protective netting tree and gutter guards, containment netting, erosion control blanket netting and varied-use netting fencing. Here online – – the Naite experts highlight key advantages of certain of their netting products….. 

Plant Support Net 

NAITE’s plant support net can be used both vertically and horizontally. It provides  good support for crops like cucumber, peas, bean, tomatoes, peppers.

The plants by climbing through the netting, can still receive the sunshine and the cleaner environment needed. With the plant support net, prevent harvest loss through product falling.  For farms, it can be widely used in large areas. Plant support net is also very much an economical choice for large area planting.

Crop Protective Netting

NAITE’s Crop Protective Netting is a bi-oriented polypropylene netting, with square mesh. It is light weigh,t but strong with its special weave production processed finish.

It can prevent birds from roosting and nesting in crop fields and also from eating the growing fruit or crops. This can be used effectively in vineyards and orchards. Naite supplies two different weight and meshes for different usage. The Light weight is with 3/4” openings, and can be made from 10-20gsm, the heavy grade is with 1/2” holes and 30-40gsm.

Tree Protective Netting

Tree Protective netting not only protects the trees from the damage of small animals like rabbits or even dogs, which may destroy the roots of the young trees, but also provide perfect protection for fruit trees.

When used on the top of the tree, it will prevent the birds from attacking harvest fruit. This method, if installed effectively is most cost efficient.