Moldovan government supports farmers with compensation following agricultural losses

August 10th, 2020 – Moldovan cabinet members have recently approved a regulation detailing how to provide compensation to reduce the consequences of natural disasters in the 2020 Moldova harvest.

In accordance with the decision of the Council of Ministers, through the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment, the Agency for Intervention and Payment of Agriculture (AIPA), will transfer 100 million leu (approximately $6 million USD).

Despite the significant COVID-19 epidemic and economic crisis, the government will allocate around 300 million leu ($18.3 million USD) to farmers to partially compensate for the damage caused by natural disasters. Of this amount, 100 million leu (6.1 million USD) will be allocated from the Agricultural Subsidy Fund and 200 million leu ($12.2 million USD) from the government’s Intervention Fund.

The cabinet will give 1,080 leu ($ 66.00 USD) per hectare replanted after it was planted last autumn. Compensation was 1,000 leu ($61.00 USD) per hectare of wheat cultivation and was kept at over 60 percent.

The regulation has been prepared in order to partially compensate for the costs incurred in the cultivation and maintenance of the first group of grains affected by drought. Compensation will be provided through the AIPA to farmers whose crops have been damaged by more than 60 percent.