‘Making the Mokes’ of numerous LED presentation communications in formats galore ….!!

February 29th – Mokes Technology Co. Ltd is among the longest established producers and suppliers of wide ranging, full colour LED advertising presentation products – video screens, outdoor and indoor display  bill boards and presentation panels. The Company’ products can be found almost everywhere it would seem – on the highways, on billboards, in Soccer stadiums; as stage backgrounders in entertainment environments … also at airports and stations, in subways etc etc etc…  LED products from Mokes hold CCC, CE, RoHS, UL FCC certifications and markets extensively in China and internationally to South East Asia, South America, Europe other international markets.

Mokes are the latest exciting business to join us at IMD Online – below they present further intriguing, impactful, considered information and scene setting examples of LED presentation communications in action in modern life today ..


With the development of science and technology, LED large-screen display with its unique advantages, is widely used in entertainment sports, financial securities, transportation stations, institutions and other places.

An LED large-screen display system can be both the basic carrier and transmitter of all kinds of communication material  – news, culture and commercial real-time information. LED can display static material and also play superior video and project vivid colour presentations enhancing  the environment where the  visual presentation is located as it does do. An LED display can not only disseminate inform, entertain or publicise, but also add a new real life effect, vigour and impact to any surrounding environment. Overall, the role of LED display can be summarised as three categories…..

Video and text information release

The system can use video, pictures, text and other ways to publish news, information, policies and regulations, weather forecasts, convenience notices, public information, emergency announcements, etc… on the above content can be grouped according to the needs of classification, sub-part of the play, at the same time can be achieved at any time the function of the instant transmission of information to provide protection. …

TV and live broadcast

As the city image project construction, as the government work the window unit, may provide the general public the government work and the social news movement, uses the live broadcast module, the system may at any time in the designated or all Terminal broadcast television news, the scene video and so on.

Advertising release 

The use of LED display system, image, video, text and other advertising patterns to broadcast advertising; Can play public service advertising, social media advertising, through the broadcast of social media advertising, investors can network investment, line costs to provide economic assurance and revenue. In the advertising process, according to specific circumstances and needs, the different layout, the system built up a variety of layout modules, can support up to eight screen segmentation layout, in different areas can display different content.

With the development of economy, social progress, we have entered the information age. Fast, accurate and swift information transmission has become a necessary and sufficient condition for efficient work. Choose to reduce input costs, improve work efficiency, LED display has the characteristics to achieve the above requirements. The display is placed in the place of personnel concentration, with the advantages of wide contact surface and direct information transmission. At the same time, it has the advantages of control technology that other public media cannot match.