‘Lighting up’ the many advantages of the products on offer from the Lucoh team specialists …

Lucoh Lighting Technology –  another of our new members at  IMD online –  is a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of portable battery lighting products and industrial LED lighting for construction, industrial and hazardous work environments.

The business has been providing the best in battery portable and industrial lighting and static grounding light products for use in numerous types of often quite complex work situations over many years. Lucoh has built its reputation providing customers with safe dependable lighting to meet all and every challenging working scenario in any industry – oil and gas, aviation, construction, chemical, automotive… and more.  

An expert R & D team ensures new developing product designs are always available to ensure LUCOH customers can each meet their own particular workplace lighting requirements. The Lucoh business understands and appreciates the numerous lighting challenges often faced by their customers and is prepared to help them meet each and every working challenge. Here below expert team members ‘blog’ product advantages when it comes to their lighting products and service proposition.. 

Advantages 1. Light body is very small: LED light is a very small, very fine LED chip packaged in a transparent epoxy resin, so it is very small, very light, in the production and application saving a lot of materials and space.

Advantages 2. Very low energy consumption: generally, the working voltage of LED lamp is only 2-3.6v, and the working current is only 0.02-0.03a. That is to say, the power consumption is not more than 0.1W, which is more than 90% less than that of incandescent lamp with the same light effect, and more than 70% less than that of energy-saving lamp. Therefore, only LED can be called a real energy-saving light source!

Advantages 3  Solid and durable: LED chip is completely encapsulated in epoxy resin. The small epoxy resin particles are very difficult to break, and the whole lamp body has no loose part; the chips inside are very difficult to break, and there is little thermal effect that may volatilize and fuse. These characteristics make it difficult to damage the LED light. Compared with ordinary light bulb and fluorescent lamp, LED is solid and durable.

Advantages 4. long service life of LED lamp: under the appropriate current and voltage, the service life of LED lamp can reach 100,000 hours, that is to say, the product life can reach more than 10 years in theory, with longer service life than other types of lamps.  For an even more extended list of advantages, visit